healthy cooking

When it comes to cooking, we all want to make food that tastes great and is healthy too. Unfortunately, many of our old grandmother’s recipes and family cookbooks throw health out the window. It’s not uncommon to see a recipe for mashed potatoes which calls for almost as much butter as it does potatoes. Still, there are ways to make great tasting dishes just like grandmother used to make but with half the calories. Try using these five healthy cooking tips to cook your friends and family healthy food for the holidays and start the new year off right: Continue reading 5 Tips for Healthy Cooking


Staying active can be difficult when you are accustomed to only doing hobbies and activities which promote being sedentary. There’s nothing wrong with things like movies, TV, and video games, but when they get in the way of having an active lifestyle, you may want to consider taking up a few new hobbies. You don’t necessarily have to be athletic or young to have hobbies that make you more active. It’s all about finding the right one which you enjoy. Try these ideas:

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stop excuses

When it comes to why you don’t exercise more, everyone has a list of excuses they tend to run through. The most common excuses include not having enough time, being too old or too out of shape, thinking it’s too boring, and not liking to exercising alone. In most cases, these excuses don’t really hold up to much scrutiny. We’ve found that, more often than not, a few minor changes to your routine can fix the vast majority of the reasons why you don’t exercise more often. Continue reading Top 4 Common Excuses to Avoid Exercising

green drink

When is comes to healthy drinks, water is usually the go-to default. However, if you’re accustomed to drinking soda, juices, and other flavored beverages, switching to only drinking water may be tough. Thankfully, there are many healthy drinks that you can either make at home, or buy at the store. Keep in mind, these drinks are not meant to replace water, they are just a healthy way to keep you away from soft drinks and give you lots of nutrients.


Tea is well-known for its many health benefits. The most commonly cited reason for having health benefits is that it’s loaded with antioxidants. As an additional benefit, the large varieties of teas available will keep you from getting tired of drinking the same thing all the time. Also, if you don’t add any sugar, most teas will effectively yield a zero-calorie drink. Here are a couple creative ideas for tea:

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vegetable shopping

When it comes to eating healthy, one of the biggest hurdles for many people is the cost of healthy food. Things like vegetables and fruits can break your grocery budget in a hurry. However, there are a few ways to buy healthier food when doing your grocery shopping without necessarily breaking the bank:

Buy the Healthy but Cheap Produce

Although things like raspberries, cherries, and strawberries can be very expensive for the amount of food you get, there are some fruits and vegetables that won’t cost too much. For example, one of the cheapest things you can find in a grocery store is a banana. The average banana costs about $0.20. In terms of nutrition, bananas give you a great value for the price and they can make a great snack when eaten with a fat-free yogurt and a healthy drink. Other inexpensive produce items to consider buying include carrots (usually under a dollar a bag), oranges, apples, and raisins. Continue reading Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget