smoking can affect your performance

Smoking can affect your physical performance in many ways, whether you are exercising, playing a sport, or simply walking up a set of stairs. What’s most surprising is that smoking can have an effect on one’s physical performance almost immediately after starting to smoke. Performance effects can vary from short-term to long-term and from mild to severe. These are the top ways smoking can affect your performance:

Higher Resting Heart Rate

The smoke in tobacco contains carbon monoxide which can bind to red blood cells and make it more difficult for them to carry oxygen to your muscle cells. Continue reading Top Ways Smoking Can Affect Your Performance


Are multivitamins necessary? This is a very common question that we get from individuals who want to stay as healthy as possible. There is a lot of confusion out there surrounding the use of multivitamins. Many individuals believe multivitamins can help you lose weight (ironically, others believe multivitamins can increase your appetite, making it more likely to gain weight), some believe multivitamins can help you build muscle quicker, and still others believe multivitamins can have certain health benefits such as “boosting” your immune system. There are certain people out there who do stand to benefit from taking multivitamins. However, the majority of individuals can live perfectly healthy lives by consuming a healthy diet and exercising regularly, no multivitamins needed. Continue reading Are Multivitamins Necessary?

sitting all day

Many individuals have no choice but to spend their entire day sitting at a desk. Prolonged sitting can lead to many different health effects, not the least of which is lack of exercise. Fortunately, if your job requires you to sit at a computer all day, there are some things you can do to stay healthy, get exercise, and break up your day.

Break Up Your Day By Going to the Gym During Lunch

If you have never considered it, you may initially scoff at the idea of going to the gym during lunch. However, going to the gym is a great way to get your body moving again and release stress that accumulates from hours of sitting at a desk. Continue reading How to Survive Sitting All Day

pf-top ways to get your kids to be more active

It may sound cliche, but many kids these days do genuinely spend too much time indoors doing sedentary activities. Things like television, movies, video games, and browsing the web are fine ways for children to spend their time on occasion. However, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, parents should make sure their kids are properly balancing sedentary activities with active ones. Everything is best in moderation. Many parents may not feel comfortable letting their kids “roam the streets” but there are plenty of fun, safe, and effective ways of getting your kids to be more active: Continue reading Top Ways to Get Your Kids to be More Active

new year’s fitness resolutions

We all know that the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions end up broken – many of them by the end of January. But you don’t have to be just another statistic! Your fitness resolutions are important to your health and, if kept, can improve your lifestyle and how you feel. Weather your resolution is to stop eating junk food, lose a certain amount of weight, or get more exercise, everyone could use a little help keeping their resolution. These are our top 3 ways to keep your New Year’s fitness resolutions:

#1 Write Them Down & Be Specific

If you are serious about your fitness resolutions, you should write them down on a piece of paper and place that piece of paper somewhere where you will be able to see it every day. This will serve as a constant reminder of your goal. Continue reading 3 Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Finding time to exercise

The most common reason why individuals don’t exercise is lack of time. Weather you are a busy mom or a new full time employee, finding time can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best tips for finding time to exercise.

#1 Keep the Kids Busy

Taking care of the kids is one of the most common reasons moms cite for not having enough time to exercise. However, in most cases, this can be easily resolved. Have the kids spend the afternoon at a grandparent’s house, at a friend’s place, or hire a babysitter. Continue reading 4 Tips for Finding Time to Exercise