One of the best ways to cut calories is by eating nutritious and healthy home cooked meals. After all, what better way to know what you’re eating then eating something you made yourself? Still, for social reasons and other purposes, you may still want to eat out every once in awhile. In these cases, you should be extra careful about what you order. At some restaurants even a healthy-looking salad can be 800 calories. Follow these tips when eating out to make sure you keep your calorie count down:

Pick The Right Place

If you are the individual choosing the restaurant, the most important factor in deciding where to eat when it comes to avoiding calories is whether or not the restaurant shows calorie information on their menu. Even healthy looking foods can be quite calorie heavy at a restaurant. Try to pick a place where, when you place an order, you know exactly how many calories you are getting.

Eat Slowly

There is a delay between when our stomach is full and when we feel full. That’s why when you eat too fast you end up feeling like you ate way too much on your way out of the restaurant. If you eat slowly and let your body tell you when you are full, you may find that you end up eating a lot less.

Drink Water

A big chunk of the calories individuals consume at restaurants actually come from the drinks (especially if you are getting several refills). Drinking only water can be a great way to eat out without breaking your diet too much.

Split Your Order

If you go to a restaurant which tends to serve large portion sizes, you may want to consider splitting your dish with one other person. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also consume half the number of calories. Studies show that big portion sizes encourage people to eat more than they otherwise might.

Staying on a diet is only half the battle. Exercising is the other half. If you are looking for a fun and effective way to work out and stay healthy, contact PumpFit Club today. We offer a variety of training classes which are designed to be inclusive and enjoyable.

running track

Running may seem like a simple enough form of exercise. However, like any other exercise, it can be optimized. In fact, you can find entire websites dedicated to running. These are mostly geared towards professional runners and those who do track. Still, there is plenty out there for helping the average person get started running on a regular basis. With that in mind, if you plan on taking up running as a new form of exercise, consider these tips to get you started.

Get Yourself A Decent Pair of Running Shoes

A good set of running shoes provides cushioning on the midsole. This means they help provide support to the part of your foot between the ball and heel. This can make running much less likely to lead to foot strain and can help you run for longer periods of time. Arch support is another important benefit of running shoes, especially if you have flat feet. Arch support also helps prevent strain and can even increase athletic performance. You can find some excellent running shoes on our shop page. Continue reading Quick Start Guide to Running


Carbs can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. While carbs, short for carbohydrates, are essential for the functioning of the human body, too many can lead to negative consequences. But what exactly are carbs, what types of food are they found in, what are their effects on your health, and how do you know how many cards are too many carbs? These are the top things you should know about carbohydrates:

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Sleep is a much too often overlooked component of health. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, increase your energy, or simply feel healthier in general, sleep can be a critical factor. In fact, depending on your individual body, you may end up doing everything right and still not see good results if you don’t give yourself adequate time to sleep. Every individual requires a different amount of sleep. The average is 8 hours, however, some individuals need 9, others feel fully rested after just 7. Try going to sleep earlier every day until you begin to wake up naturally just before your alarm rings.

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gluten free

There is a lot of confusion out there about what exactly gluten is and whether or not you should be eating it. What are the benefits of a gluten free diet and is it worth the cost of more expensive food? Here at PumpFit Club, we care deeply about helping individuals live a healthier lifestyle, both in and out of the gym. With that in mind, these are the top things you should know about gluten:

What is Gluten?

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kids lose weight

We love our kids. We spend a large portion of our lives teaching them what’s right and wrong, and protecting them from harm. But one of the biggest and most overlooked problems for children today is obesity. Weight loss for children is important in order for them to live a healthy life, and one of the most significant ways to achieve it is through fitness. Here are some tips for helping your child lose weight. Continue reading How to Help Your Kids Lose Weight?