Beach Jogging

If you live near the beach, you may have thought about taking your running shoes out to the shore and breathe in the salty air while working out. It should come as no surprise that running at the beach is different from typical street running. To keep your heels and back healthy, keep several of these tips in mind when you go out for a beach jog.

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running shoes

Finding the perfect running shoes may not sound like a high priority, but it can make an impact on your exercise and overall health. Low quality running shoes can damage your feet and spine in the long term. Does that mean you need to buy a pair of shoes that cost hundreds of dollar? While an option, you don’t need to burn your wallet for good sneakers. When searching for a pair of running shoes that are right for you, here is what to look for.

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man holding cramped foot

When you are exercising, you should be able to determine when the uncomfortable stiffness you feel is due to pain or soreness. Soreness is natural; it is an expected side effect of exercise that indicates your muscles are tired, but growing stronger. Your body needs some level of stress to make gains in strength. Pain does not equal growth. In fact, it may be a symptom of injury or sickness. When pain is left untreated or ignored, you may only be hurting your goals. How can you tell the difference, especially after an intense workout? Continue reading Are You Sore or Injured?

Benefits of Interval Training

For years, many career athletes have taken advantage of the benefits provided by high-intensity interval training (also known as HIIT). This practice involves taking short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. Some of the immediate advantages include making leaps to your fitness goals in less time. However, research has shown that there are more subtle perks to interval training as well. Continue reading The Hidden Benefits of Interval Training

Delicious Healthy Desserts

There’s no shame in admitting our favorite part of a meal is dessert. While many of our favorite snacks involve the words cookie, cake, or ice cream, that doesn’t mean we have to feel guilty about enjoying ourselves every once in awhile. In fact, many healthy alternatives exist to our favorite treats still taste good. We put together some of our favorite healthy, delicious desserts that are easy to whip up and great to eat after a meal. Continue reading Recommendations for Healthy and Delicious Desserts