lifting weights

One of the hardest lessons for starting athletes is figuring out how much weight they should be lifting. Should they be focusing on more reps rather than more weight? Should they be lifting to the point of pure exhaustion? When should they lift heavier? Even after you figured out the balance between reps and weight, the time will eventually come where you feel like you should be doing more. You may feel like what you’re doing is too easy, but how much is too much? Continue reading When Should You Lift Heavier Weights?


Congratulations on your upcoming baby! If you are someone who is used to eating, sleeping, and breathing exercises, you may be feeling a bit at a loss on how to keep yourself in shape while keeping the child safe. Although many myths circulate whether pregnant women should exercise, you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adapting these exercises can help you prevent back pain, keep up your energy, boost self-confidence, and stay fit! Bear in mind, you should always speak with your primary physician before starting any exercise while pregnant. Continue reading Top 3 Exercises for Pregnant Women


Many aspiring athletes don’t think of a jump rope as a good workout tool or try it for a day before giving up; however, jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises you can add to your workout because it is cheap, flexible, and easy. The trick to jumping rope is knowing some basics to prevent overworking yourself. Keep these tips in mind, add a jump rope to your workout, and explore a new world of opportunities!

Continue reading How to Jump Rope for your Workout

vacation fitness

Even when the holidays are over, winter is still the most active time for families to go on vacation. Holidays can mean long periods of rest, lots of food, and a more relaxed schedule than what you may be used to. These aspects are great; it’s good to have a change of pace! However, if you’re on a workout or fitness plan, you may fear that the results of your efforts over the last several months may get lost in a week of all-you-can-eat buffets. We have a couple of tips on how you can stay fit on vacation, providing you the chance to feel good before, during, and after the trip! Continue reading How to Stay Fit on Vacation

Push and Pull

One aspect of fitness we frequently stress is how you shouldn’t focus on only one part of your body. Your structure is a complex network of muscles and bones that work together from top to bottom, and focusing on only your arms, your legs, or your stomach can cause an imbalance that harms you in the long run. Body groups are not only defined by where they are, but also by their function. For example, push and pull exercises are some of the most common, but most new athletes aren’t sure what it is they’re building. What is it that makes a push muscle different from a pull muscle, and what are the exercises that revolve around them? Continue reading Differences Between Push and Pull Muscles