Seniors Stay Active

Staying fit and active are vital to living a long healthy life but discovering ways to do so may be challenging. The more active you are as senior, the more you can enjoy life without dealing with the fear of falling or needing physical assistance. This allows you to gain that long desired independence as you age gracefully. At PumpFit Club, we have taken the time to reveal some low-impact activities that keep you active and improve your health. Who knows, you might discover a new hobby! Continue reading Top 6 Ways Seniors can Stay Active

Resistance Machines

The late Arthur Allen Jones sold the first exercise machine in 1970 and revolutionized the fitness industry. Since then, physical trainers on gym floors have been replaced by dozens on dozens of weight lifting machines. Gym memberships are no longer exclusive to big bulky men but open to recent mothers and aging seniors alike. But is the groundbreaking invention as beneficial as we believe? We weigh in with some pros and cons of the machines that changed the fitness world. Continue reading Pros and Cons of Resistance Machines

Stretching for Injury Recovery

Recovering from an injury can be one of the toughest athletic struggles anyone can face. Although you may be physically ready to get back to your active lifestyle, the looming fear of a possible re-injury can be one of the toughest obstacles to overcome. The most important thing to remember is to take it one day at a time.

You won’t be able to perform many movements like you used to and the last thing you should do is rush your recovery. Follow this incremental stretch schedule for a speedy and safe recovery! Continue reading Stretching for Injury Recovery

Flexible Man

The key to maximizing your workouts and living a healthier lifestyle is to maximize your flexibility. One of the main issues people face when exercising is not being ‘loose’ or not having the necessary range of motion to perform a certain action. If you follow these few simple tips, you will increase your flexibility, reap the benefits of a successful workout and begin to live an overall healthier lifestyle. Continue reading 6 Ways to Become More Flexible

Finding the Right Diet

Fitness is such a flexible, personal concept that it’s difficult to claim anything is for certain. Diets can feel like an impossible element when trying to be healthy. We all have our personal tastes, routines, and allergies. Science can provide us with some hard facts about dieting that can keep things simple. The calories you take in should be less than the calories you burn on any given day. Doing so means weight loss, weight gain, or maintaining your weight. Fad diets you may find involving creams, cleansing products, and supplements often work only to get rid of water weight and muscle without any of the fat that is causing health issues.

Continue reading What Diet is Best For You?

Sticking to New Years Resolutions

It’s February. Have you been keeping up with your fitness resolutions, or are other responsibilities getting in the way? Clichés often originate out of some grain of truth many people who make fitness goals for the New Year tend to fall off after a couple of weeks. Don’t give up hope! The few of those who stick with their resolutions are not demi-gods or superheroes; they’re people who know that planning and strategy make up half the battle in exercise. Follow some of these tips to help you keep moving forward with your 2017 fitness resolutions. Continue reading Keeping Your 2017 Fitness Resolutions