With the holiday season just around the corner, you may be feeling a bit more anxious about staying fit. End-of-year holidays often present opportunities to overindulge that are far too tempting! While there is much more food and fun to enjoy, there are also more opportunities to take advantage of the cooler weather. There are many ways you can exercise outside to stay fit this holiday season. Grab your workout gear and get going! (more…)

Sometimes, getting yourself to the gym is a challenge in and of itself, and many of us are unsure of what to do or focus on once we get there. There are a few things to remember when working out, and one of the best ways to begin is to categorize your days. (more…)

Visitors from up north might find it hard to believe how anyone can consider a Florida winter as anything worse than lukewarm. Any local can tell you, though, that even a little drop in humidity can make all the difference. Depending on what you prefer, you may find it easier to exercise now that the temperature is five degrees cooler, the air isn’t as dense, and the sun isn’t as intense. Take advantage of the colder weather with these three ways to stay fit during a Florida winter! (more…)

If you like working up a sweat in one of South Florida’s most picturesque cities, there’s little better than exercising in Fort Lauderdale! There are plenty of parks, beaches, and running paths where you can get some fresh air while seeing some alluring sights. With so many options available, where can you catch the best sites with the most gains? Check out our list of favorite outdoor activities in Fort Lauderdale below. (more…)

No one should blame you for thinking CrossFit and HIIT are the same things; you will often see the two terms mixed together in many of the same articles. Anyone who is just starting their fitness journey may not be clear on how these phrases relate to each other, so we’re here to set the record straight. It’s important to know what you’re signing up for, as the results of HIIT may not line up for someone who may have been better off with CrossFit. (more…)

Cardio has always been associated with long jogs or hours of running on a treadmill. What if there was a way to get your cardio quickly while burning more than a normal cardio workout? High-intensity interval training, or HIIT,  is an intense method of cardio designed to provide a more dynamic means of getting your daily cardio exercise. Here’s why HIIT may be the best type of cardio workout to burn fat. (more…)

Most people do not associate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with treadmills, as many of the exercises are bodyweight-focused and do not involve machines. Moreover, treadmill owners train at a steady pace, walking or jogging at the same speed and taking advantage of the device’s built-in workouts. A treadmill exercise is usually the antithesis of an HIIT workout. For anyone looking for continued muscle growth, such practices will eventually lead to a plateau in improvement as the body adapts to the physical activity. The plateau is why HIIT – a continually changing and challenging program – is so attractive to athletes. If you want to give HIIT a shot but don’t want to abandon your treadmill, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. (more…)

Spending an hour a day working out is usually enough to stay fit. Daily routines change as your body grows accustomed to them and progress can be seen and felt. Within hours after your workout, you can undo most of your progress by eating a big meal or drinking sugary drinks. Here are three mistakes you might be making after working out. (more…)

Proper workout practice encompasses many factors. From choosing the right workout gear to focusing on ignored muscles, fitness includes many aspects. An important factor in fitness is undertraining and overtraining. While ignoring certain muscles can cause muscle imbalances, overtraining brings its own set of issues. Here are the two most overtrained muscle groups. (more…)