mom and daughter doing chores

The number one reason why people say they don’t exercise is because they don’t have any time. Whether it is true or not, this excuse is one that people continue to live by rather than finding a solution. Don’t worry, we have found a couple solutions for you. You may not have time to leave your house and get to a gym, but housework is inevitable. Here are a few ways housework can get you fit. (more…)

workout clothes

The clothes you exercise in are most important; not because of their style, but rather the fabrics used in the clothing. Many people who are new to fitness may not pay much attention to the clothes they work out in. This leaves them wishing they did when they realize how much the right exercise clothes can help. While there is nothing seriously damaging about wearing particular fabrics, there are a few fabrics that are better equipped for fitness purposes. (more…)

superhero child weightlifting

Parents are always looking for new ways to keep their kids physically active. Many enthusiastic moms will sign their children up for a youth league sports team or a summer gym program, but most start hesitating once weightlifting makes an appearance. In 1983, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a statement that recommended against weightlifting for children due to how its high injury rates may stunt growth. It wasn’t until the late 2010s that public opinion has slowly started shifting thanks to new research. (more…)

some exercise with friends

You wouldn’t go out to dinner or to the movies alone, so why exercise alone? Nothing compares to having someone to train with to achieve desired fitness goals. This person can be a close friend or a colleague that has similar goals in mind. Your training partner should be someone that has some sort of a desire for fitness. This individual is not required to be fitness junkie, but if you feel as if you are dragging them out of the house to every workout, you should consider finding a new training partner. You may even feel as if you work better alone. If that is the case, you’ll be missing out on these five benefits of having a good training partner. (more…)

Man doing big old lifts

Leg exercises are known to be some of the most commonly overlooked in the fitness world. This is so because many fitness seekers tend to spend more time working on their chest, back, arms, and core rather than building their leg muscles. This is a great mistake as strong legs are essential for a complete and balanced physique. Whether leg exercises are new to you or you are looking for some more effective exercises to perform, we have outlined a few of the most effective. These multi-joint leg exercises outrank the likes of leg extensions and leg curls and can get you well on your way to strong, toned legs. (more…)

Although the media portrays professional athletes as superhumans, we understand that football players and Olympic swimmers alike are regular people too. When you make the transition from the field to the office, you will probably want to ensure you stay in shape. Just because you are not paid for your athleticism does not mean you should ignore it! In a way, your athletic career is never truly “finished,” it just morphs into more personal goals. We have five tips that can help you stay in shape. (more…)

Recovering After Spine Injury

After suffering a spine injury or becoming aware of an unknown spine ailment, you may feel stuck, literally. The simplest of tasks have become the most difficult to perform. In an effort to avoid disappointment or worsening your injury, you decide to stay as inactive as possible. This may seem like the best option at the moment, but the last thing you want to do is become completely immobile. It is vital that you stay active — in moderation — if you wish for a speedy and effective recovery from your back condition. (more…)

man doing a split jerk

Successfully performing a split jerk in a weightlifting competition can be the deciding factor in the clean and jerk portion of the contest. The slightest mistake from an individual attempting to perform a split jerk can cause the barbell to be dropped prematurely, resulting in a missed lift. There are multiple causes of a missed lift, the most common of which is an improper recovery. (more…)

Pros Cons Energy Drinks

The first energy drink was invented in 1960 in Japan by Taisho Pharmaceuticals. It was introduced to the masses as a medicinal tonic with the purpose of increasing concentration and energy. This drink was the first of its kind so it came of no surprise that the everyday person was apprehensive in consuming this beverage. It wasn’t until 37 years later that the next and arguably most popular energy drink would be created. Dietrich Mateschitz would add sugar and caffeine to the original recipe to create Red Bull. Red Bull would then be introduced to America in 1997, opening the floodgates for energy drink innovation. (more…)

Exercise Boost Immune System

Many people choose to work out to gain a more athletic physique or simply to stay in shape. While both of these are viable reasons to exercise, there is one key benefit that you may have been overlooking. It may come as a surprise that pumping iron and running miles could provide anything other than physical results, but they can. Your immune system is one of the greatest benefactors from a consistent workout regimen. There are several theories out there that have yet to be proven, but results have shown that exercising and a stronger immune system are linked. (more…)