Everyone has a favorite workout routine, which could include anything from running, playing sports, or even doing housework. Usually, a favorite workout routine involves exercises that target certain muscle groups. Exercises involving the arms, legs, and chest incorporate the majority of the most popular workout routines. As fitness buffs become accustomed to these habits, they risk ignoring certain muscle groups. Failing to engage these muscles could prove to be detrimental to their overall fitness goals. Here are the top three most ignored muscles that may need a little more attention. Continue reading Top 3 Most Ignored Muscles

Resistance training is a great way to build muscle and keep a certain level of strength. As your training regimen progresses, you may start to feel like it’s getting too easy. The weights that were once a struggle don’t make you work as hard. Your body is made to adapt to whatever is demanded of it. Building muscle and strength is your body’s way of adapting to your workouts. If everything seems easier, it’s most likely because your body has completely adapted to your current routine and you need to add more weight. Here are a few signs to look for that can help you determine when you need to add more weight to your workouts. Continue reading 5 Signs You Need to Lift Heavier Weights

Top 4 Protein Myths

Protein, protein, protein! Many fitness junkies will tell you that they live and die by protein. They have it in their daily shakes, breakfast, dinner, and snacks. Protein is believed to be a cure-all for many. Looking to lose weight? Protein. Looking to build muscle? Protein. Protein does have many health and fitness benefits, but there are a number of protein myths we’d like to clear up. Continue reading Top 4 Protein Myths

superhero child weightlifting

Parents are always looking for new ways to keep their kids physically active. Many enthusiastic moms will sign their children up for a youth league sports team or a summer gym program, but most start hesitating once weightlifting makes an appearance. In 1983, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a statement that recommended against weightlifting for children due to how its high injury rates may stunt growth. It wasn’t until the late 2010s that public opinion has slowly started shifting thanks to new research. Continue reading How Young is Too Young for Weight Training?

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Leg exercises are known to be some of the most commonly overlooked in the fitness world. This is so because many fitness seekers tend to spend more time working on their chest, back, arms, and core rather than building their leg muscles. This is a great mistake as strong legs are essential for a complete and balanced physique. Whether leg exercises are new to you or you are looking for some more effective exercises to perform, we have outlined a few of the most effective. These multi-joint leg exercises outrank the likes of leg extensions and leg curls and can get you well on your way to strong, toned legs. Continue reading 3 Most Effective Leg Exercises

female athlete holding barbell with proper form

We’ve all seen it before. Someone lies down on the bench press to lift an incredible weight and ends up using every muscle from their neck to their legs to try and get that massive load up. It may be a common mistake but that doesn’t make it okay. This is most common when someone is trying to hoist up a weight that their body isn’t ready to lift. The body is then forced to use other muscles to assist the targeted muscles in keeping the weight up. To keep you from having to suffer the consequences of improper form, we have provided you with three key reasons why you should focus on your form. Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Proper Form is Important When Weightlifting

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One of the hardest lessons for starting athletes is figuring out how much weight they should be lifting. Should they be focusing on more reps rather than more weight? Should they be lifting to the point of pure exhaustion? When should they lift heavier? Even after you figured out the balance between reps and weight, the time will eventually come where you feel like you should be doing more. You may feel like what you’re doing is too easy, but how much is too much? Continue reading When Should You Lift Heavier Weights?

running shoes

Finding the perfect running shoes may not sound like a high priority, but it can make an impact on your exercise and overall health. Low quality running shoes can damage your feet and spine in the long term. Does that mean you need to buy a pair of shoes that cost hundreds of dollar? While an option, you don’t need to burn your wallet for good sneakers. When searching for a pair of running shoes that are right for you, here is what to look for.

Continue reading What to Look for in Running Shoes


Drinking alcohol carries many health risks but how does it affect the process of building muscle specifically? It turns out, alcohol can really get in the way of building muscle. The more you drink, the more it holds you back from reaching your fitness goals. There are several reasons why alcohol has this effect. Some of these reasons include inhibited protein synthesis, lower growth hormone and testosterone levels, dehydration, and preventing you from working out to your full potential due to the effects of a hangover.

Inhibited Protein Synthesis in Your Muscles

Protein synthesis is essential to muscle growth. Protein synthesis is the process through which your body takes protein from the food you eat and uses it to create muscle. When muscles experience small tears (usually due to working out) the process of protein synthesis begins in order to fix the muscle and build stronger muscle fibers. This is essentially how working out leads to building muscle. Continue reading How Does Alcohol Affect How You Build Muscle?