Parks in Ft Lauderdale

There’s no better feeling than being one with nature. The tropical climate of South Florida makes being outdoors all the more enjoyable. In addition to your high intensity interval training (HIIT), we suggest that you get outside and enjoy your training activity of choice. Some people choose to bike or go for runs while others prefer team sports. Whatever your vice may be, you can appreciate a quality park. Here are some of the best Fort Lauderdale parks you can train in. Continue reading 3 Great Fort Lauderdale Parks to Train In

Working out can drain your energy and leave you feeling sluggish. When you’re always on the go, you might not have time to eat healthily and keep the extra pounds off. You could find yourself eating junk food to ward off hunger, without regard for the vitamins you may not be getting from your diet. When you forego eating vitamin-rich foods like broccoli, kale, cabbage, and spinach, your body misses out on several benefits. Why are these so important? Continue reading How Adding Green can Keep You Lean

When a child enters your life, there’s a sense of pure joy (and maybe nervousness). After factoring in your new gift, you might feel like there’s no longer time to do certain activities. Things like reading your book of the month, returning phone calls, and even relaxing at home might seem hard to make time for. Getting your workout in can also feel like a daunting task. Luckily, working out after a baby settles into your routine isn’t as hard as it seems. Here’s how you can fit in some workouts even if you’re on baby duty: Continue reading 4 Tips for Working Out With A Newborn

Motivate Yourself Get Fit

The goal of becoming fit is one shared by the masses. The ideal way of pursuing this goal is to commit to a fitness program designed to get you desired results. “Commit” is the key word. Simply exercising when you feel you need to is not an effective fitness strategy. You must instead motivate yourself to remain focused on your fitness goals to get the results you’ve always dreamed of. We understand that it may be tough to find a source of motivation, so we’ve highlighted three self-motivation tips to help you along your fitness journey. Continue reading Best 3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Fit

mom and daughter doing chores

The number one reason why people say they don’t exercise is because they don’t have any time. Whether it is true or not, this excuse is one that people continue to live by rather than finding a solution. Don’t worry, we have found a couple solutions for you. You may not have time to leave your house and get to a gym, but housework is inevitable. Here are a few ways housework can get you fit. Continue reading Housework that Can Get You Fit!

Although the media portrays professional athletes as superhumans, we understand that football players and Olympic swimmers alike are regular people too. When you make the transition from the field to the office, you will probably want to ensure you stay in shape. Just because you are not paid for your athleticism does not mean you should ignore it! In a way, your athletic career is never truly “finished,” it just morphs into more personal goals. We have five tips that can help you stay in shape. Continue reading 5 Tips for Staying Fit After Your Athletic Career

Recovering After Spine Injury

After suffering a spine injury or becoming aware of an unknown spine ailment, you may feel stuck, literally. The simplest of tasks have become the most difficult to perform. In an effort to avoid disappointment or worsening your injury, you decide to stay as inactive as possible. This may seem like the best option at the moment, but the last thing you want to do is become completely immobile. It is vital that you stay active — in moderation — if you wish for a speedy and effective recovery from your back condition. Continue reading Best Workouts for Spinal Cord Injuries

Do You Need a Rest Day

The feeling of an effective training session can be intoxicating. After an amazingly intense session, you may feel they need to come back the next day and they day after to continue to get that workout “high.” While there is nothing wrong with consistent training, it does run a fine line with overtraining. It may be hard for you to realize that you need to take a break from the heavy weights or high intensity sessions, that’s why we’re here. We have outlined 4 distinct signs that indicate that you may need to take a rest day. Continue reading 3 Signs That Indicate You Need a Rest Day

Tech and Fitness

Gone are the days of having to find the best trainer in your area to get an elite workout. You no longer have to venture down to the local YMCA or fitness center and sign up for a one-on-one session with a  fitness expert to achieve your fitness goals. Today, if you were even to mention the fact that you were in search of a trainer, people would automatically assume that you are a preparing for some major athletic event. Technology has taken over the fitness world completely. Continue reading How Technology and Fitness Have Become One

Sticking to New Years Resolutions

It’s February. Have you been keeping up with your fitness resolutions, or are other responsibilities getting in the way? Clichés often originate out of some grain of truth many people who make fitness goals for the New Year tend to fall off after a couple of weeks. Don’t give up hope! The few of those who stick with their resolutions are not demi-gods or superheroes; they’re people who know that planning and strategy make up half the battle in exercise. Follow some of these tips to help you keep moving forward with your 2017 fitness resolutions. Continue reading Keeping Your 2017 Fitness Resolutions