If you want a solid program that works if you put in the work and that anyone can scale to their ability, then you need to check out PumpFit. No fluff, no drama. Just a straightforward, challenging, badass workout every time.”


-Sarah Podgorski

“Never in a million years did I think my body could do what it can today but with her push and support I’ve literally seen my body and mind transform. There is such a fun and positive energy in this group that I can’t see any other trainer come close to what Hannah and Pumpfit has to offer.”


-Chantelle Sutherland

“When you have the drive and determination to get your body in shape with a workout that is going to give you results, I recommend Pumpfit Club where age is only a number. This is not a gym, it’s Pumpfit Club, where everyone is treated like an individual, not a group”


-Peggy Andrews

“I have a few injuries and their support and patience with me is amazing & much appreciated. They are concerned and work with me to figure ways for me to keep up with the class, but not further injure myself. Unlike other gyms, there is no judgement, just support and encouragement”.


-Michelle Nunziata