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Kim Colletti

Everyone begins their yoga journey for different reasons, and Kim’s began as a tool for injury recovery. As a collegiate rower, she sustained a back injury that never seemed to heal. After committing to Physical Therapy and a few cortisone shots, Kim was on the way to recovery but eventually hit a plateau. That was when she tried yoga. Kim immediately fell in love with the practice and has been a dedicated yogi ever since.

About four years ago, Kim became much more serious about her dedication to yoga and has been practicing daily. Not only has her body and mind grown stronger with each session, but her back has also seen incredible improvement.

With each unique journey comes a unique style of teaching. Kim has been affected by and interesting in adjustments and alignments as a focus of her practice. As a community, we are all able to learn from each other’s journeys, and Kim is always interested and open in learning from her peers.

Kim could not have overcome this injury without her dedicated teachers. It is her intention to offer as much information to help as many students as she can to heal themselves the way she has.

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