Leg exercises are known to be some of the most commonly overlooked in the fitness world. This is so because many fitness seekers tend to spend more time working on their chest, back, arms, and core rather than building their leg muscles. This is a great mistake as strong legs are essential for a complete and balanced physique. Whether leg exercises are new to you or you are looking for some more effective exercises to perform, we have outlined a few of the most effective. These multi-joint leg exercises outrank the likes of leg extensions and leg curls and can get you well on your way to strong, toned legs.

Dumbbell Lunge

The traditional lunge is a very effective movement that can be performed just about anywhere. Try adding dumbbells to your traditional lunge to beef up the intensity while strengthening core vital leg muscles. This movement requires hip and knee extension, providing stimulus for your glutes and thighs. You can perform this movement by stepping back and forth or standing in place, choose the variation best for you. You can also perform this move with with either dumbbells or a barbell.

Lunges are most effective at the beginning of an exercise when your muscles are still fresh and a moderate weight is suggested. When lunging, make sure to keep your knee behind your toes, creating a right angle with your leg, to avoid injury.

Leg Press

The leg press is a highly effective exercise, but not to be confused or substituted with squats. Leg presses are the optimal way to build leg muscles from a stationary position. Many machines will require you to sit parallel with the weight and push it outward, while others place you below the weight and require you to push the weight outward and upward.

It is important you do not lock your knees when performing this exercise or use an extremely heavy weight. Many people assume that their legs are stronger than they actually are and run the risk of a serious leg or knee injury when pressing heavy weights. When performing a leg press, keep your legs slightly bent when pushing the weight outward for an effective workout and to avoid injury.


Deadlifts can be performed in numerous variations — traditional, sumo, romanian, etc. — but are ultimately a great full body exercise that can strengthen your hamstrings and glutes. This exercise is usually performed with an incredibly heavy amount of weight which will allow you to build muscle in all of the targeted muscle groups depending on which variation you perform. Deadlifts are usually performed on back day, but if you would like to implement it into your leg day training regimen, we suggest that you use lighter weights.

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