Many people mistakenly believe that any and every weight exercise is going to produce large and bulky muscles. Whether you’re seeking bulky or lean muscle definition, it’s important to understand how different exercises will affect your body. Read on to learn about bulking up versus gaining lean muscle mass.

The Warmup

Do not skip or rush through your warmup. Your warmup is needed to prep your body for the rest of your workout. Spend five to ten minutes warming up beforehand, and your body will feel the difference.

Weight, Sets, and Reps

Figuring out the best combination of weight, sets, and reps for your body and exercise routine will determine how and what type of muscle you build. If you want to bulk up, you’ll want to lift at your maximum weight for up to five sets of six reps each. Lifting weights like this will help build your strength, which can improve the size of your muscles. If you want to build lean muscle, lift a lighter weight than your maximum, and aim for up to 15 reps of each set.

The Importance of Rest

Rest is extremely important for people who exercise regularly, both during a workout and between workout days. When you’re trying to gain bulk, rest for up to a minute and a half between sets. If you’re trying to get lean muscle, rest for about one minute between sets. When bulking up, train for five days a week; when developing lean muscle, train for three or four days a week. Whenever possible, don’t weight train on consecutive days. Taking a break between training sessions will give your muscles the time they need to rest and repair.

Eat the Right Foods

When you’re trying to get healthy, fit, and gain muscle, your diet is a big factor. Your body needs fuel to build muscle, no matter what type of muscle you want to build, so make sure you’re eating enough calories for fuel. When trying to bulk up, reduce your carb intake.

How many calories you need in a day depends on your age and gender. Once you’ve figured out how many calories you need to consume per day, use a calorie counter to keep track of the calories you consume and the calories you burn. With time, effort, and the right strategy, you’ll be on the path to gaining your preferred muscle type in no time!

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