Many individuals who want to build muscle quickly buy expensive protein powder. The reasoning behind this is that your body needs protein to build muscle. However, is expensive protein powder really necessary? The short answer is: it depends. When it comes to building muscle and consuming protein, it’s not simply a matter of more is better. Your body will only use as much protein as it needs to build the muscle. Any extra protein will be discarded (mostly through your urine). For many people, you may be spending tons of money on protein that you end up flushing down the toilet. Part of what makes this question difficult is knowing what is the right amount of protein that your body needs.

Protein In Food

Before digging deeper into the merits of protein powder, it’s important to remember that protein powder is pretty much the same protein as you’d find in food – only in an easier and quicker to digest package. Therefore, if you are only exercising moderately and you already consume plenty of protein through your normal diet, your body may not need any additional protein. In these cases, buying protein powder may be a waste.

It’s also worth noting that because protein powder is essentially the same protein as what’s in your food, you could just eat more high protein foods instead of the powder.

When Protein May Help

If you are exercising very intensely and on a very regular basis while at the same time dieting, it is possible that your body is not getting 100% of the protein it needs to build muscle from you food alone. In these cases, consuming protein powder as a dietary supplement can definitely help you build muscle faster. However, this is not because the protein is encouraging the building of muscle. The protein powder simply gives your body the nutrients it requires in order to build the muscle that it needs to build. This is why simply consuming protein powder and not exercising will not make you gain muscle.

Whether protein powder would be beneficial to you depends on the intensity and frequency of your workouts combined with the level of protein you gain from eating food. If you don’t consume much protein through your diet and you are working out rigorously, protein powder may help your body build muscle.

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