We’ve all seen it before. Someone lies down on the bench press to lift an incredible weight and ends up using every muscle from their neck to their legs to try and get that massive load up. It may be a common mistake but that doesn’t make it okay. This is most common when someone is trying to hoist up a weight that their body isn’t ready to lift. The body is then forced to use other muscles to assist the targeted muscles in keeping the weight up. To keep you from having to suffer the consequences of improper form, we have provided you with three key reasons why you should focus on your form.

Prevents Injury

You probably strength train to increase your strength and fitness; however, using improper form can quickly thwart your efforts. When you strain and stretch your muscles incorrectly, you can easily hurt yourself. The rule we recommend you follow is that the more you have to sway your body to lift the weight, the more you should reduce the weight. It is always better to lift a lighter weight correctly than lift a heavier weight incorrectly.

Targets Muscles

Isn’t this why you are performing the move? The sole reason for performing particular exercises or hopping on a certain machine is to focus on that muscle group. If you are rocking back and forth when curling or locking your knees on the leg press, you will not get your desired results. Improper form can ultimately be counterproductive as you increase the possibility of injuring the targeted muscle.

Improves Breathing

Your breathing controls your energy. Your energy is used to weightlift. Ultimately, proper breathing is essential to completing any workout. This is most important when weight training because it helps your body generate more force and reduces the possibility of aneurysms, heart issues, and severe high blood pressure. A good rule to follow is to inhale before the lift and exhale when lowering the weight.

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