Everyone has a favorite workout routine, which could include anything from running, playing sports, or even doing housework. Usually, a favorite workout routine involves exercises that target certain muscle groups. Exercises involving the arms, legs, and chest incorporate the majority of the most popular workout routines. As fitness buffs become accustomed to these habits, they risk ignoring certain muscle groups. Failing to engage these muscles could prove to be detrimental to their overall fitness goals. Here are the top three most ignored muscles that may need a little more attention.

1. Serratus Anterior

The small muscle that connects your shoulder blades to your rib cage is called the serratus anterior. This muscle runs along the sides of your chest and can lead to shoulder injuries if it goes ignored for too long. The bench press might seem like the best way to strengthen this muscle, but the support from the bench takes away the impact the exercise has on the muscle. There are a few ways to engage this muscle. Exercises like incline push-ups and variations of a push-up have proven to be the most successful when attempting to target the serratus anterior.

2. Hamstrings

When it comes to leg muscles, quads are usually the primary focus. Your hamstrings are the muscles that run along the back of your upper legs. They don’t receive as much attention because many still believe hamstrings aren’t important for increased running speed. Ignoring your hamstrings could not only be a factor in knee injuries but can also result in decreased running speed. Hamstring exercises with a stability ball can strengthen your hamstring muscles. A hamstring hold can also be effective for beginners or anyone who doesn’t have access to a stability ball.

3. Forearms

Forearms may be the most unexpected ignored muscle. Arms always seem to receive a high amount of attention in workout routines, as there are machines dedicated to working out biceps and triceps. Forearms, however, tend to miss out. While they may not have the luxury of these tools, effective isolation moves can be used to target them just as well. A great exercise to strengthen your forearms is the dumbbell wrist curl. Incorporating wrist curls into your workout routine for an extended period will help you achieve stronger forearms.

Fitness encompasses more than just working out. Including every muscle group takes time and could prove to be quite daunting without proper guidance. If you feel like you need a little help getting through your fitness journey, try out a free class at PumpFit Club. Our personal trainers can steer you toward your fitness goals while targeting all of your muscle groups. Join us at PumpFit Club to start pumping up your workout routine today!