Protein, protein, protein! Many fitness junkies will tell you that they live and die by protein. They have it in their daily shakes, breakfast, dinner, and snacks. Protein is believed to be a cure-all for many. Looking to lose weight? Protein. Looking to build muscle? Protein. Protein does have many health and fitness benefits, but there are a number of protein myths we’d like to clear up.

Post-Workout Protein is Needed

Many health clubs offer protein shakes as a way to recover from an intense workout. You may even see some people make their own beforehand and bring it to the gyms to chug down afterward. This is more common among young men looking to maximize on the intense burn from their workout. In all actuality, a recent study found that consuming protein after a workout has no muscle growth or strength benefits.

More Protein Keeps Weight Down

Satiety or a feeling of fullness is commonly associated with protein. This is true, but only to a certain extent. You can still eat too much protein and gain weight. A good rule of thumb when looking to implement protein into a meal is to cut carb calories to make room for protein calories. This will allow you to get your necessary protein in without overeating.

The More Protein the Better

This a common misconception. A large majority of Americans already consume more than enough protein for a healthy diet. What is often the issue is unbalanced protein intake. Many people have little to no protein for breakfast and then a heaping portion for dinner. Instead, cut the amount of protein consumed at dinner and add some for breakfast for ideal protein distribution.

More Protein Equals More Muscle

The amino acids found in particular sources of protein do aid to muscle regeneration, but that alone is not enough to build muscle. You must still workout and strengthen particular muscle groups for optimal muscle growth.This becomes more important as you age as your muscles naturally weaken. Be sure to have your necessary amount of protein, but continue to workout as well for strong, healthy muscles.

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