Finding the perfect running shoes may not sound like a high priority, but it can make an impact on your exercise and overall health. Low quality running shoes can damage your feet and spine in the long term. Does that mean you need to buy a pair of shoes that cost hundreds of dollar? While an option, you don’t need to burn your wallet for good sneakers. When searching for a pair of running shoes that are right for you, here is what to look for.


When running, tiny muscles work together to keep your foot flexible. When that flexibility disappears, you run the risk of injuries like an Achilles Heel. You can usually tell if a shoe is flexible enough before you put it on by holding its heel and pushing the very tip against the floor. Compare how the shoe bends with how your foot bends. If creases and measurements don’t align, you may want to look into a different shoe.


Nothing is more uncomfortable than your heels slipping out of your shoes, but a tight space can be just as irritating. For your running shoes, stay within the rule of snug, but not tight. If you are able to slip your foot out of the shoe with the laces tied, then the shoe is too big for you. Don’t wave away any possible discomfort, as the feeling multiplies when you start running.

Toe Space

If your toes can’t wiggle when you’re in the shoe store, they will suffocate on the road. Feet start to swell during a run, so make sure there is breathing room for your toes at the end of the running shoes. Doing so can help protect against any front of the foot problems like toe stubbing, which can destroy your jogging schedule.

Overall Feel

As implied in earlier sections, you can’t get the full idea of what running shoes are like until you put them on for a run. Running allows you to identify any blind spots that standing around would have left. Look for shoes in stores designed with runners in mind; they usually allow customers to test their products with an indoor treadmill. Try to maintain a shoe that can complement your running style, not work against it.

Buying a pair of running shoes isn’t enough, you need to use them! Break your sneakers out at one of our free classes in Fort Lauderdale, and see how our group exercise program can help you meet your fitness goals!