1. 3 Surprising Reasons You Might Not be Building Muscle

    Staying committed to an exercise routine is no easy task. Those who maintain a regular training schedule know too well how tempting it can be to forego the gym in favor of the couch; but when you’re consistently hitting the gym and not seeing the results you work so hard for, working out can seem …Read More

  2. Bulking Up vs. Gaining Lean Muscle Mass

    Many people mistakenly believe that any and every weight exercise is going to produce large and bulky muscles. Whether you’re seeking bulky or lean muscle definition, it’s important to understand how different exercises will affect your body. Read on to learn about bulking up versus gaining lean…Read More

  3. Two Most Overtrained Muscle Groups

    Proper workout practice encompasses many factors. From choosing the right workout gear to focusing on ignored muscles, fitness includes many aspects. An important factor in fitness is undertraining and overtraining. While ignoring certain muscles can cause muscle imbalances, overtraining brings its …Read More

  4. Top 3 Most Ignored Muscles

    Everyone has a favorite workout routine, which could include anything from running, playing sports, or even doing housework. Usually, a favorite workout routine involves exercises that target certain muscle groups. Exercises involving the arms, legs, and chest incorporate the majority of the most po…Read More

  5. 5 Signs You Need to Lift Heavier Weights

    Resistance training is a great way to build muscle and keep a certain level of strength. As your training regimen progresses, you may start to feel like it’s getting too easy. The weights that were once a struggle don’t make you work as hard. Your body is made to adapt to whatever is demanded of…Read More

  6. Top 4 Protein Myths

    Protein, protein, protein! Many fitness junkies will tell you that they live and die by protein. They have it in their daily shakes, breakfast, dinner, and snacks. Protein is believed to be a cure-all for many. Looking to lose weight? Protein. Looking to build muscle? Protein. Protein does have many…Read More

  7. How Young is Too Young for Weight Training?

    Parents are always looking for new ways to keep their kids physically active. Many enthusiastic moms will sign their children up for a youth league sports team or a summer gym program, but most start hesitating once weightlifting makes an appearance. In 1983, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)…Read More

  8. 3 Most Effective Leg Exercises

    Leg exercises are known to be some of the most commonly overlooked in the fitness world. This is so because many fitness seekers tend to spend more time working on their chest, back, arms, and core rather than building their leg muscles. This is a great mistake as strong legs are essential for a com…Read More

  9. 3 Reasons Why Proper Form is Important When Weightlifting

    We’ve all seen it before. Someone lies down on the bench press to lift an incredible weight and ends up using every muscle from their neck to their legs to try and get that massive load up. It may be a common mistake but that doesn’t make it okay. This is most common when someone is trying to ho…Read More

  10. When Should You Lift Heavier Weights?

    One of the hardest lessons for starting athletes is figuring out how much weight they should be lifting. Should they be focusing on more reps rather than more weight? Should they be lifting to the point of pure exhaustion? When should they lift heavier? Even after you figured out the balance between…Read More