1. How to Enjoy National Granola Day

    Here’s a celebratory date you may not already know: National Granola Bar Day. Yep, a whole day dedicated to showing our appreciation for the energy-packed snack. And what better way to show some love than by chowing down on one of the world’s most loved and convenient goodies? On January 21st, …Read More

  2. How Many Eggs Are Too Many?

    Many people love eggs, whether they are scrambled, boiled, or fried; however, conflicting research suggests that eggs are either the answer to a healthy breakfast or the highway to a heart attack. Simply put, studies often contradict themselves, and each doctor has his or her own opinion on the subj…Read More

  3. The Best Time to Hydrate Before a Workout

    Hydration is often stressed, but it can be confusing as to how often and how much water you should drink. Many individuals choose to walk around with a gallon jug of water and sip it down throughout the day, while others only drink water when exercising. Which is more efficient? Is either of these a…Read More

  4. Most Effective Ways to Achieve a Caloric Deficit

    Fat loss is about calories in versus calories out, but exactly how many calories should be cut out to lose weight? After coming up with a workout schedule to complement your meal plan, figuring out how much the caloric deficit should be is usually the next step. Your maintenance number, the number o…Read More

  5. Pros & Cons of Energy Drinks

    The first energy drink was invented in 1960 in Japan by Taisho Pharmaceuticals. It was introduced to the masses as a medicinal tonic with the purpose of increasing concentration and energy. This drink was the first of its kind so it came of no surprise that the everyday person was apprehensive in co…Read More

  6. The Immune System – Working Out Boosts It!

    Many people choose to work out to gain a more athletic physique or simply to stay in shape. While both of these are viable reasons to exercise, there is one key benefit that you may have been overlooking. It may come as a surprise that pumping iron and running miles could provide anything other than…Read More

  7. Top 3 Things to Know About Detoxing

    There are many methods of detoxification. These can range from increasing your liquid intake to avoiding processed foods. Other methods of detoxification include increased exercise and the use of saunas to promote body purification through sweating. Whether you are considering or just want to gather…Read More

  8. Should You Consider Taking Glutamine?

    The options for maximizing a workout are endless. There is everything from protein shakes to various meal supplements that can allow you to workout harder and longer. One popular supplement that is beneficial during and after your workout is glutamine. This supplement adds on to the long list of whi…Read More

  9. What Diet is Best For You?

    Fitness is such a flexible, personal concept that it’s difficult to claim anything is for certain. Diets can feel like an impossible element when trying to be healthy. We all have our personal tastes, routines, and allergies. Science can provide us with some hard facts about dieting that can keep …Read More

  10. Recommendations for Healthy and Delicious Desserts

    There’s no shame in admitting our favorite part of a meal is dessert. While many of our favorite snacks involve the words cookie, cake, or ice cream, that doesn’t mean we have to feel guilty about enjoying ourselves every once in awhile. In fact, many healthy alternatives exist to our favorite t…Read More