The options for maximizing a workout are endless. There is everything from protein shakes to various meal supplements that can allow you to workout harder and longer. One popular supplement that is beneficial during and after your workout is glutamine. This supplement adds on to the long list of which that claim to increase energy and improve your metabolism, but is it right for you? We have taken the time to accumulate the facts, and we’ll let you be the judge.

What is Glutamine?

Over 61 percent of skeletal muscle is glutamine, making it the most common amino acid found in your body. It is the primary supplier of nitrogen to your muscle cells as it made up of 19 percent nitrogen. glutamine levels drastically deplete during high intensity training sessions which decreases stamina, strength, and recovery. It can take up to a week for glutamine levels to return to normal. This period may be even longer if you are continuously partaking in high intensity sessions.

The Benefits of Glutamine

Taking the glutamine powder supplement replenishes your glutamine levels which maintains your level of intensity for a longer period of time. glutamine also plays a vital role in cell volumizing, anti-catabolism, and protein metabolism. This is especially beneficial during summer months when you are trying to burn fat without losing any muscle. The glutamine supplement does not necessarily build more muscle, but the “maintenance effect” allows for you to train harder for those desired results. glutamine also:


  • Helps maintain cell volume and hydration. The speeds up the healing and recovery process
  • Maintains the structural intensity of your bowels
  • Boosts your immune system. This is most important for bodybuilders as they are more likely to getting sick due to the extremely low levels of glutamine experienced during aggressive workouts


There have not been report on  any side effects suffered from taking glutamine. This is mainly because it naturally occurs in your body, but like any other supplement you want to make sure to only take the required amounts. Exposing your body to excessive amounts of glutamine supplements can lead to an upset stomach.

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