The first energy drink was invented in 1960 in Japan by Taisho Pharmaceuticals. It was introduced to the masses as a medicinal tonic with the purpose of increasing concentration and energy. This drink was the first of its kind so it came of no surprise that the everyday person was apprehensive in consuming this beverage. It wasn’t until 37 years later that the next and arguably most popular energy drink would be created. Dietrich Mateschitz would add sugar and caffeine to the original recipe to create Red Bull. Red Bull would then be introduced to America in 1997, opening the floodgates for energy drink innovation.

Monster Energy Drink was introduced in 2002, followed by 5-Hour Energy in 2004, and Four Loko in 2005. By this time, energy drink sales have increased 61 percent since they were initially introduced to America 8 years earlier. It wasn’t up for debate anymore; energy drinks had been accepted by the masses. What is still up for debate is if the positives of energy drinks outweigh the negatives. Join us as we explore the pros and cons of energy drinks.Pros of Energy Drinks

Pros of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks provide an unparalleled energy boosts, fast! This allows individuals looking for a quick pick-me-up to drink a small caffeinated beverage and get an immediate boost of energy. This also helps an individual stay awake and attentive for an extended period of time, in additional to being more convenient than brewing a cup of coffee. The contents of energy drinks provide various benefits of their own:

  • Vitamin B: Helps fight cancer and heart disease while improving mood
  • Riboflavin: Treats blood disorders and muscle cramps
  • Pantothenic Acid: Helps fight anxiety, stress, skin disorders and allergies

Cons of Energy Drinks

Energy drinks often times have extremely high levels of caffeine and sugar and while this creates that initial boost in energy, it is followed by a dramatic drop in energy or a “crash.” This is because your blood sugar levels increase drastically after drinking a sugary energy drink and fall in the same fashion afterwards causing you to become very lethargic and tired.

They can also become addicting and cause headaches as individuals experience withdrawal from the caffeine. Insomnia and jitters are also other reported side effects of energy drinks, not to mention the possibility of getting high blood pressure from the high levels of caffeine.

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