When is comes to healthy drinks, water is usually the go-to default. However, if you’re accustomed to drinking soda, juices, and other flavored beverages, switching to only drinking water may be tough. Thankfully, there are many healthy drinks that you can either make at home, or buy at the store. Keep in mind, these drinks are not meant to replace water, they are just a healthy way to keep you away from soft drinks and give you lots of nutrients.


Tea is well-known for its many health benefits. The most commonly cited reason for having health benefits is that it’s loaded with antioxidants. As an additional benefit, the large varieties of teas available will keep you from getting tired of drinking the same thing all the time. Also, if you don’t add any sugar, most teas will effectively yield a zero-calorie drink. Here are a couple creative ideas for tea:

  • Tea Punch Combine some orange juice and lemonade with your choice of tea brewed in water with cinnamon and cloves. For an even healthier drink, consider making your own fresh squeezed lemonade and orange juice and skip on adding any sugar.
  • Mint Tea – Mint tea is usually a type of green tea with mint leaves. It’s a great healthy option because mint is an “antispasmodic” which means it can help relax your muscles and avoid stiffness and muscle aches.


Smoothies can be very healthy because they can give your body a big dose of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. For this reason, they are also a great way for individuals who don’t particularly like vegetables to meet their recommended daily dietary requirements. However, you should keep in mind that smoothies can be high in calories due to all the sugar in the fruit. This means you shouldn’t only drink smoothies and you should make sure to stay active so that you burn those calories that you do take in.

Try using some of these more exotic ingredients in your smoothies to keep things interesting: pomegranate, dragon fruit, papaya, coconut water, and guava. Don’t be afraid to explore the many varieties of fruits and vegetables.

Store Bought Drinks

We don’t always have time to make our own drinks so when you find yourself in a hurry, try some of these store-bought options:

  • Tomato/Vegetable Juice (make sure you pick one with low sodium)
  • Low Fat Soy Milk
  • Orange Juice (no added sugar)
  • Other fruit juices with no added sugar

Whenever you choose a store-bought drink, make sure you check the nutrition labels. Sometimes drinks may appear healthy but you might be surprised by what you find on the label.

The world of healthy drinks is wide open so explore it and enjoy!