Many people choose to work out to gain a more athletic physique or simply to stay in shape. While both of these are viable reasons to exercise, there is one key benefit that you may have been overlooking. It may come as a surprise that pumping iron and running miles could provide anything other than physical results, but they can. Your immune system is one of the greatest benefactors from a consistent workout regimen. There are several theories out there that have yet to be proven, but results have shown that exercising and a stronger immune system are linked.

How Working Out Boosts Your Immune System

Your body benefits in multiple ways when you workout regularly. The more you lift weights, the stronger your muscles get. When you exercise regularly, your body also is able to pump blood through your body more efficiently. Your lungs also become stronger as you are using them at a higher rate than if you weren’t exercising. The same thing is true for your immune system.

Doctors’ findings have proven that the cells in your body that are supposed to fight off bacteria are boosted when you exercise regularly. These results were most evident in people who had just begun working out and worked out consistently after not exercising regularly before.

While exercising does boost the immune system, too much exercise can weaken it. Your body needs time to rest and repair itself. Overworking your body can leave you bed ridden and unable to work out at all. You should maintain a healthy balance of working out and resting for a strong immune system.

Should You Work Out While Sick?

Many people have mentioned exercising as a good way to get over whatever illness you may be facing and they are both right and wrong. It is true that working out can help you get over your illness, but don’t go too hard. A casual jog or low-intensity exercise routine can be a good way to help get over your head cold. On the contrary, working out while severely ill can be very dangerous. We urge that you follow the instructions of a medical expert.

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