Many people love eggs, whether they are scrambled, boiled, or fried; however, conflicting research suggests that eggs are either the answer to a healthy breakfast or the highway to a heart attack. Simply put, studies often contradict themselves, and each doctor has his or her own opinion on the subject. So, the question remains: how many eggs are too many?

“The Egg Guy”

Adam Bornstein ate so many eggs that he earned the nickname “The Egg Guy.” Adam’s affair with eggs began in graduate school when a tight budget left him with little cash for meals. Adam turned to the tried-and-true egg to get him through these difficult financial times. Adam says he consumed approximately 144 eggs every two weeks, which equates to an average of ten eggs per day. Before you faint at the mere thought of his cholesterol levels, Adam managed to live through the experience. He even went on to conduct his own personal research on egg consumption and how it affects one’s health.

When Adam started his egg diet, he was healthy; he was already counting calories, focusing on nutrition, and exercising. Adam continued to do these things throughout his “Eggsperiment,” as he likes to call it. During his egg-eating month, Adam ate three whole eggs each day, monitoring his fat and cholesterol levels before and after the “Eggsperiment.”

How Did It Go?

Adam began his study with a trip to the doctor where his body fat, triglycerides, LDL, HDL, and total cholesterol levels were measured. After a month of eating a steady diet of eggs, Adam returned to the doctor to see the results. Surprisingly, Adam’s weight stayed the same, and his total cholesterol levels only went up by one point. Additionally, Adam’s body fat went down by one percent, his LDL (bad cholesterol) went down by two points, and his HDL (good cholesterol) went up by three points!

What Adam Says About the Study

Adam was quick to point out that his egg diet went along with other healthy eating habits and exercise; however, he insists that eating eggs is not as bad as some may say. The yolk of the egg contains essential vitamins and nutrients, so Adam suggests eating the entire egg – yolk and all – for the best results.

Are you ready to start an egg diet? Adam says that eggs are a healthy and beneficial addition to any diet; however, you should talk to your doctor about the benefits of eggs before starting an egg diet. No matter what side of the fence you’re on about egg consumption, it is essential that you complement your healthy eating habits with regular fitness efforts. Join us at PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale for High Intensity Interval Training like no other. Contact us today to discover how you can get your first three classes free!