It’s the slow hours of the afternoon, you still have a mountain of work to get done, and you didn’t sleep as much as you thought you would last night. That can of Red Bull in the fridge sounds pretty tempting at the moment, but what will it actually do for you? Energy drinks have become much more popular in the last decade, with some energy drink brands becoming successful enough to sponsor huge sporting events. Clearly, there’s something that energy drinks do that work for their fans, but what exactly are the pros and cons of an energy drink?

The Pros

  • Convenience: One of the biggest pros of energy drinks is that they are ready to go as soon as you snap that can open. This makes them way more convenient than going through the motions of brewing a coffee, or finding the space and time for an afternoon nap.
  • A Boost of Energy: They are called energy drinks for a reason! After finishing a can, it won’t take long for you to have that buzz kick in so you can get some work done. How strong that buzz is depends on what kind of drink you have, so choose wisely.
  • Improve A Workout: Some athletes will actually use energy drinks in moderation to help compliment their workout, as many of these drinks are carb-based. Careful use of certain energy drinks can lead to better performance and recovery.

The Cons

  • Heart Problems: Energy drinks can put you at risk for cardiovascular problems. Due to sudden rise in energy and foreign chemicals going through your body, one of the most dangerous cons of an energy drink is that your heartbeat may become irregular, and your blood pressure will rise. These are early symptoms of more serious issues, like total heart failure.
  • Mental Health Problems: Think about how you feel after a sugar or coffee rush, then multiply it by ten. Because energy drinks cause such an intense change in energy, the crash will be just as intense as well. This can lead to more nervousness, anxiety, and jitters that may put you in a worse position to get work done than before having the drink. If it’s particularly late in the day, this nervousness can last to the night and may cause sleep troubles. When considering if you want an energy drink for the last hour of your shift, keep this con in your mind.
  • Gaining Weight: Excessive energy drink usage can lead to a serious increase in weight, as they are filled with sugar, usually more calories than your typical can of soda. Obesity will open the doors to many other health problems, and an energy drink won’t be enough anymore to temporarily cure your exhaustion.


Although having an energy drink can have its advantages, it should be your absolute last resort if you need to have that extra burst of focus. Regular consumption of energy drinks can make your body get used to it, and you’ll need to start drinking more than one, which will increase the risk of experiencing the above cons. While it’s impossible to avoid feeling tired all the time, simple steps such as a good diet and regular exercise schedule will do much for maintaining a focused energy level. If you are looking for guidance on what program would be a good fit for your exercise and general health, sign up for one of our free classes and see what we can do for you!