There’s no shame in admitting our favorite part of a meal is dessert. While many of our favorite snacks involve the words cookie, cake, or ice cream, that doesn’t mean we have to feel guilty about enjoying ourselves every once in awhile. In fact, many healthy alternatives exist to our favorite treats still taste good. We put together some of our favorite healthy, delicious desserts that are easy to whip up and great to eat after a meal.

Avocado Chocolate Bread

Avocado bread is made by combining the buttery texture of avocado with chocolate. You may already be aware that avocado is a fruit of choice for many because of the healthy fats and nutrients it provides. Mix that in with the taste of chocolate, and you are left with a tasty, creamy bread.

Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding

If your goal is to lose weight, chia seeds can be an excellent addition to your diet. Chia seeds can absorb up to ten times their weight in liquid. This allows them to soak up milk and water, turning them into moist pellets that you can mix into a healthy pudding. The seeds have been a large part of Mexican diets for years, as they provide high amounts of energy for their small size. What this means is you can have chia seed pudding, or sprinkle chia seeds on any applicable snack, while avoiding the post-eating sleepiness.

Dessert Hummus

Hummus is already popular among athletes. It provides high levels of fiber and protein, is both gluten and dairy-free, and is safe to eat for vegans. However, did you know it could be used as a sweet dessert as well? Dessert hummus takes out half the fat that traditional hummus contains but has the same amount of calories due to added sweetener. There are no added preservatives which makes it a great, healthier alternative to most spreads. You can buy dessert hummus at your local grocery store.

Healthy eating is just one of many pieces need to reaching your fitness goals. A consistent workout schedule and other daily habits work together to build your way to a healthier body. If you are having trouble maintaining an exercise routine, try one of our free classes at PumpFit Club today! Our group environment may be what you need to make fitness fun.