When it comes to cooking, we all want to make food that tastes great and is healthy too. Unfortunately, many of our old grandmother’s recipes and family cookbooks throw health out the window. It’s not uncommon to see a recipe for mashed potatoes which calls for almost as much butter as it does potatoes. Still, there are ways to make great tasting dishes just like grandmother used to make but with half the calories. Try using these five healthy cooking tips to cook your friends and family healthy food for the holidays and start the new year off right:

#1 Substitute Cream

Most people think they have no option but to add heavy cream to their dishes when making things like mac & cheese, chicken alfredo, and mashed potatoes. However, this clever trick can get you a similar taste and texture as heavy cream but with a fraction of the calories: substitute the cream for nonfat milk and add flour to thicken until it’s got the texture you want.

#2 Eliminate Butter

Another important tip, butter can throw your diet out the window. Usually you can either eliminate butter from a dish completely, or substitute with a healthy oil, such as canola oil, without sacrificing much taste.

#3 Try Oven Frying Your Food

If you want to make a dish which is normally deep-fried for the holidays, try oven frying your food instead. Start by making the recipe as you would normally. When you get to the deep frying part, spray the food on all sides with a little cooking oil and put it in the oven at a high temperature instead. You’ll get food that’s nice and crispy but has much fewer calories.

#4 Use Whole Wheat Whenever Possible

Whether you are making pancakes or making baked goods, if you want to make the food healthier, replace the all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour. Many individuals may even find that they prefer the whole wheat version.

#5 Increase the Amount of Vegetables

If you are making a dish which normally gets veggies on the side, consider increasing the amount of veggies and decreasing the amounts of the less healthy portions of the dish.

Even if your cooking is very healthy, it’s still important to get plenty of exercise. That’s because exercise has many other health benefits besides simply burning calories. If you are interested in a new and fun way to exercise, contact PumpFit Club today to book a class.