Cheese is one type of food that certainly is versatile. Whether it’s in an ornate setting paired with wine, or enjoyed on your pizza, cheese is one of America’s favorite snacks. Although it may have the stigma of raising cholesterol or adding to weight gain, many not be aware of the variety of health benefits that cheese can bring when eating the right types.


This cheese is a popular ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes. One of the main advantages to feta cheese is its strong flavor. This means that you don’t have to use a lot of it and can still experience it to the fullest. A one ounce serving of feta contains only about 75 calories, so you’re definitely getting the most flavor per calorie from this cheese.

Cottage Cheese

If you’re looking for a healthy snack to tide you over, cottage cheese is one of your best options. Packed with a staggering 16 grams of protein per half-cup, cottage cheese is perfect for building muscle or meeting your daily dietary needs. On top of that, cottage cheese naturally has one of the lowest sodium quantities of any other cheeses.


Usually derived from skim milk, ricotta is a staple of many Italian pasta dishes, especially lasagna. Although most people know about and use ricotta cheese in their cooking, many don’t know the health benefits that ricotta brings. Not only does it contain 25 percent of your daily calcium requirements, this cheese also contains zinc and vitamins A and B.


The grated version of this cheese can be found on everything from omelettes to salad. Parmesan has a healthy combination of various nutrients. Similar to feta, parmesan is relatively low in calories. And just like cottage cheese, it contains a sufficient amount of protein: up to 8 grams per ounce.


This classic cheese is one of the most all around healthy. There are many different options for swiss cheese, such as low-sodium or low-fat, and you even have the choice between skim or whole milk. Swiss contains more phosphorus than virtually any other soft cheese, as well as a high quantity of sodium. So consider swiss next time you’re deciding what to put on your sandwich.


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