If you are looking to exercise and enjoy a bit of scenery, South Florida has excellent hiking spots for you to explore. Many people tend to focus on Florida’s city life, beaches, and nightlife and fail to see its natural beauty. South Florida has many National Parks with landscapes like mangrove forests and swamplands for you to adventure through. Get out and explore some of South Florida’s hiking trails.

Spite Highway Trail, Biscayne National Park

Did you know that Biscayne Bay has mangrove forests you can hike through which are located only minutes from Downtown Miami? It is a national park with hiking trails and clear blue water you can cool down in after a long hike. Elliot Key is a section of Biscayne National Park that has a seven-mile walkable highway that takes you through the mangroves and forests. On this trail, wildlife and lush landscapes set a backdrop for a rewarding hike.There are also picnic areas and hidden beaches for you to rest and refresh.

Fire Prairie Trail, Big Cypress National Preserve

Big Cypress National Preserve covers a large area of Southwestern Florida. This section of Florida is where you will find a vast area of swampland. In this terrain, you will see trees growing out of the watery landscape. You may even be lucky enough to see bears, deer, panthers, and alligators roaming around as you hike the trails. The Fire Prairie Trail is an open grassland, surrounded by hardwood forests. A campground appears just before a 5-mile long trail where you can regroup and prepare for the next leg of your hike.

Alhinga Trail, Everglades National Park

The Alhinga Trail is one of the most famous trails in the Everglades. Although this is a short hike that is less than one mile long, it is still a place that deserves to be explored. Here, you will see a wide variety of fish, birds, and marsh bound wildlife. The Alhinga Trail begins at the Royal Palm Visitor Center and meanders through tropical trees, mangroves, and opens into a marsh. Sunsets at the swamp are one of the leading attractions of the area and are easily accessible for people of all ages and limitations.


Staying fit is the goal we all strive for yet rarely accomplish.There are plenty of hiking trails to help you take advantage of the tropical weather in South Florida that can cater to your fitness needs. At PumpFit Club, we can also cater to your needs with all the tools and classes you need to make your fitness goals a reality!