With the holiday season just around the corner, you may be feeling a bit more anxious about staying fit. End-of-year holidays often present opportunities to overindulge that are far too tempting! While there is much more food and fun to enjoy, there are also more opportunities to take advantage of the cooler weather. There are many ways you can exercise outside to stay fit this holiday season. Grab your workout gear and get going!


Fall is an excellent time for morning and evening walks. Take the time to walk to places nearby that you usually drive to. If school or work are within a reasonable walking distance, enjoy the scenery and walk there. Walking to dinner is also beneficial. Many people make the mistake of becoming cozy and sedentary during this time of year because of the time changes and cooler climate; however, we cannot always have that luxury if we want to remain healthy and fit. Here are a few other recommendations for you to add to your fall workout routine:

  • Yoga in the park
  • Bike rides
  • Hikes


Look for local fitness events such as group walks or marathons in your area. Fall is the time when many of these events occur. Some examples include Oktoberfest events and turkey trot races around Thanksgiving. Charity marathons and fitness events are also great ways to stay toned and contribute to a good cause.

Outdoor Adventures

Try to plan out-of-the-box outings to fit exercise into your itinerary this holiday season. Strawberry and orange picking are seasonal activities that could become a fall family tradition that gets the whole family moving. Exploring corn mazes is another way to get a workout in without feeling like you are working out! It’s engaging fun for people of all ages. Long walks around your favorite theme park could also help you add steps and burn calories this year.

Remaining guilt-free during the holidays is the goal we all strive for yet rarely accomplish.There are plenty of activities to help you take advantage of the refreshing fall weather that can cater to your fitness needs. At PumpFit Club, we can also cater to your needs with all the tools and classes you need to make your holiday goal a reality!