Spending an hour a day working out is usually enough to stay fit. Daily routines change as your body grows accustomed to them and progress can be seen and felt. Within hours after your workout, you can undo most of your progress by eating a big meal or drinking sugary drinks. Here are three mistakes you might be making after working out.

1. Fueling up With Energy Drinks

After an intense exercise, many fitness buffs tend to drink a sports drink to refuel. While sports drinks may seem like the best way to ensure your body stays properly hydrated, they aren’t designed for daily workouts. Sports drinks are meant to be consumed during sport and endurance-based activities for long durations. If the exercise isn’t more an hour of intense activity, then water will suffice. Sports drinks contain around nine teaspoons of sugar on average and can add unnecessary calories to someone’s diet.

2. Not Refueling Soon After Working Out

Your body will be ready to refuel after strenuous exercise. Not eating a meal more than two hours after working out could negatively affect your body. Although you may not feel hungry after your workout session, it’s imperative that you understand why eating after an intense exercise session is important. Eating after working out is essential because it can:

  • Replenish depleted stores of glycogen, electrolytes, and fluids
  • Help your body repair damaged muscle tissue
  • Help your body rebuild new muscle tissue

No matter how strict your diet may be, never skip out on a post-workout snack.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep

After you’ve worked out and eaten a few post-workout meals, it’s time to get some rest. We all enjoy late night T.V. shows, but being asleep is as important as being awake when it comes to keeping up with your workout progress. Not only does sleep provide your body with energy for the next fitness session, it also allows your body to produce high levels of growth hormone. While sleeping, the body’s growth hormone production peaks. Growth hormones are an important part of muscle growth and keeping the muscles we already have in top shape. The next time your favorite late-night television show is on, try to DVR it or watch it on a streaming service!

These mistakes can be costly to your overall fitness goals. Whether you’re bodybuilding, trying to lose a certain amount of weight, or trying to live a more active lifestyle, it’s important to know how certain factors can affect your body. After you avoid these mistakes, take a trip to PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale. We offer a myriad of classes available to suit your schedule. Visit us or contact us to try out a free class today!