The clothes you exercise in are most important; not because of their style, but rather the fabrics used in the clothing. Many people who are new to fitness may not pay much attention to the clothes they work out in. This leaves them wishing they did when they realize how much the right exercise clothes can help. While there is nothing seriously damaging about wearing particular fabrics, there are a few fabrics that are better equipped for fitness purposes.


Polyester has to be one of the most popular fitness fabrics. You can find it on the label of just about any fitness clothing for its various qualities. Polyester is lightweight, durable, wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and non-absorbent, meaning that any moisture from your skin is evaporated rather than absorbed. It also provides UV protection and can be used as an insulator when wet. This makes it perfect for warm weather wear and is the reason why it used in a large majority of fitness clothing. A few drawbacks of this fabric is that it does not dry as quickly as others and can foster bacteria because of the synthetic materials used.


Cotton gives off less of a post-workout stench than polyester but still has some drawbacks of its own. Cotton is absorbent and will collect all of the moisture from your body. This is why it is important that, when buying fitness clothing, you purchase those that have a cotton blend and not 100% cotton. Everything from your shirt to your socks is likely to become extremely dampened if you wear 100% cotton to an intense workout.


It is not suggested that you wear cotton for any high intensity training but it is suitable for yoga, weight training, and other activities where you won’t sweat excessively.


Polyester may be the most popular, but nylon is the most efficient fitness fabric. Nylon is widely known for its use in women’s stockings, but has the qualities of the quintessential fabric for fitness. This incomparable material is silky smooth, dries quickly, and is mildew resistant. It is also breathable and wicks sweat to the surface of the material where it evaporates. Nylon is the perfect fabric for your intense workouts where you are expected to leave dripping sweat.


These fabrics are rarely used alone, as the majority of sportswear designers will blend the fabrics in an effort to maximize the benefits of each of them.


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