Visitors from up north might find it hard to believe how anyone can consider a Florida winter as anything worse than lukewarm. Any local can tell you, though, that even a little drop in humidity can make all the difference. Depending on what you prefer, you may find it easier to exercise now that the temperature is five degrees cooler, the air isn’t as dense, and the sun isn’t as intense. Take advantage of the colder weather with these three ways to stay fit during a Florida winter!

Run on the Everglades Trails

When you think of the Everglades, you probably think about airboats and alligators. What many people don’t know – including Florida residents – is that you can find running trails throughout many of the public parks. The paths can be a little too hot for some during the summer months, but in the winter the lower water levels and brisk air make for a refreshing change of pace in your running routine.

Don’t know what Everglades trails are near you? This list includes some of the more popular spots:

Go for an Afternoon Swim

There’s nothing like a dip in freezing water to get your blood pumping. Florida meets a sweet spot where it rarely (if ever) gets so cold that the average athlete can catch hypothermia, but still enough that you can get that fresh, chilly feeling to wake you up at the beginning (or end) of a long day. The farther south you go in Florida, the warmer the water gets, but don’t expect a massive difference in the beaches from Miami to West Palm Beach. If you are planning on a swim in Jacksonville, you may want to bring an extra thick towel.

Try Indoor Workouts

For some of us, 60 degrees is too cold. That’s understandable, and if you want to avoid interrupting your fitness routine with a chill-induced fever, indoor alternatives aplenty are still available to you during a Florida winter. Home bodyweight workouts sent to you through email can do more than enough to keep you sweating in the living room.
Treadmills, spinning machines, and other workout equipment can act as appropriate substitutes for any cardio workouts you may enjoy. The available exercises can feel limiting, however, and anyone who enjoys the social aspects of fitness may feel some cabin fever when running on their lonesome at home. PumpFit remains open no matter how cold (or, for the most part, hot) it is outside, with a rotating fitness routine that will keep you sweating! Mix things up for the winter and try a free class with us!