Summer is just around the corner and it’s time for some fun in the sun! Working out doesn’t always have to be a rigorous and boring regimen. There are plenty of fun ways to break a sweat and burn calories without knowing that you just had a complete workout. One of the most popular of these is going for a refreshing dip in the pool. A casual swim can burn hundreds of calories depending on the intensity level and your body weight, but there are many other ways to exercise in the pool. We have taken the time to outline simple exercises you can do in your backyard pool!

The Spider-Man

Have you ever seen in the movies where Spider-Man defies gravity by walking up the side of buildings? Well gage your inner Spider-Man because we’re going wall climbing.

You perform this move by:

  • Walking towards the pool wall
  • Slowly walk up the wall
  • Sweep your arms back and forth to stay afloat
  • Walk backwards down the wall

You want perform this action repeatedly, alternating your leading leg each time. The move works your core and multiple back muscles

Water Plank

For this one you’ll need a pool noodle (a long cylindrical piece of foam).

Proceed to do the following:

  • Stand firm on the pool floor
  • Hold the noodle in both hands
  • Push it down into water
  • Lean forward until body is completely horizontal

Hold this position for up to 2 minutes then repeat. This provides the same shoulder and back benefits as a plank on firm ground.

Resistance Run

Any sort of jogging in the pool is 2x as effective as running on land due to the drag the water provides. This one one amps up the resistance just a little more.

Start by:

  • Running the pool end to end in zig zag pattern
  • Turn around and run straight through that pattern

The currents created from the zig zag run provide extra resistance. This requires you to use more effort on your trip back to your starting point.

Otter Roll

This exercise requires a beach ball or any ball with buoyancy. This move targets your abs, butt and legs.

Start by:

  • Hugging the ball close to your chest
  • Float on back and extend legs
  • Roll over the top of the ball,submerging it underwater
  • Complete roll by returning to starting position

Beginners can start by rocking back and forth with the ball submerged underwater, moving their heads side to side. Continue this move for 30 seconds, switching the direction of the roll every time.

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