Every day, people hit the gym to improve health and fitness, but many people do not achieve the results they want because their expectations are misled by common exercise myths and misconceptions. The following myths may be keeping you from achieving your desired results at the gym.

Sit-Ups Will Give You a Six-Pack

Sit-ups alone will not rid your body of belly fat. To achieve a flatter abdomen, you will have to eat a well-balanced diet and have a good exercise regimen. Sit-ups can even cause your stomach to bulge, giving you a pot belly. Instead of sit-ups, try dynamic movements, such as walking lunges. These not only target the abdominal muscles, but they also target other large muscle groups that burn fat. Gymnasts and dancers have strong midsections because their movements target their core muscles.

Weights Are Only for Bodybuilders

Weightlifting is for anyone who wants to strengthen bones, joints, and muscles. Using light weights will tone and strengthen your body without adding bulk.

I Run Three Times a Week for One Hour at a Time, So I Am Fit

Although you can get fit by running, this does not mean that you will be able to perform any other activity better. Cardio in combination with weight training will produce better results than cardio alone.

Hard and Long Exercise Sessions Will Help Me Lose More Weight

Working out for long periods of time at a high-intensity can cause your body to produce more cortisol, which causes your muscle tissue to break down. Therefore, healthy eating and taking time to recover are important components of your exercise regime.

Stretching Is Pointless

Studies that prove the effectiveness of stretching have produced mixed results; however, there is a consensus that stretching before and after exercise can help prevent injury.

I Can Look Like a Celebrity by Following Their Regimen

Diet and exercise will not give you another person’s figure. Your genetics determine your body type.

I Can Eat What I Want if I Exercise

A good diet is just as important as exercise. If you are exercising regularly, but consume more calories than you burn, then you will still gain weight.

With these myths debunked, you may need to switch up your training regimen. Luckily, PumpFit Club offers a proven effective training method known as HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. This fitness method can burn fat, boost your metabolism, and you sculpt the ideal physique. Contact us today to discover how you can get a free class!