You wouldn’t go out to dinner or to the movies alone, so why exercise alone? Nothing compares to having someone to train with to achieve desired fitness goals. This person can be a close friend or a colleague that has similar goals in mind. Your training partner should be someone that has some sort of a desire for fitness. This individual is not required to be fitness junkie, but if you feel as if you are dragging them out of the house to every workout, you should consider finding a new training partner. You may even feel as if you work better alone. If that is the case, you’ll be missing out on these five benefits of having a good training partner.


It is tough to continually wake up with the same motivation and dedication to work out. This is where your training partner comes in. Your partner will motivate you to get up and run that mile on days when you would rather stay buried underneath the covers and vice versa. There is an increased sense of accountability you get when you know someone is watching your progress. This will push you to do more than you ever would if you were training alone.

Try New Things

Your training partner can also add a variety to your workout. You may have been performing the same routine for a while or you might not even have a specified routine. Your partner can introduce you to new exercises he finds interesting has previously used and seen results. Adding new elements to your workout will keep your workout exciting and motivate you to stick to it.

Train Safer

Training alone can become dangerous when attempting to lift heavier weights for the first time or try a new move. Your training partner is your support system in more ways than one. He or she can spot you on the bench press and point out improper form. This decreases the risk of suffering an avoidable injury.

Added Competitive Aspect

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of competition? Competition pushes us all to work harder than we normally would, all in an effort to be crowned the victor. Competing to discover who can run up the flight of the stairs faster or do the most push ups are little things that will push you to work harder. You can even make friendly competition out of long-term goals, such as who can reach their desired weight faster or go the longest without eating rice.The added aspect of competition will bring out the best in you.

Fun Workout

Probably the greatest benefit of them all is how your workout transforms from a boring activity you must do to an exciting activity you look forward to. When you have a positive mindset leading into a training session, you are more likely to perform better. This maximizes all of your fitness efforts and will be evident in your rate of progress.
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