Leg workouts are consistently the most dreaded exercises. As much as we all may dislike leg workouts, there’s no denying how essential these muscles are. Taking the time to train your calf muscles reaps many benefits. Skipping out on these exercises can increase the risk of injury and shouldn’t be ignored. Here are a few benefits of strong calves.

Protection from Calf Pulls

Generally, on leg day, larger muscles such as the thighs and hips receive the most attention, but ignoring your lower leg muscles increases the risk of calf pulls. Calf pulls are the second-most common injury sustained by runners. If the lower leg muscles aren’t being strengthened and continuously pushed to their limits, a calf pull may occur. The severity of calf pulls can range from small muscle tears that heal in a few weeks to significant tears that can take months to recover fully.


Calf muscles stabilize your ankles and feet. Stronger calves can provide a more stable foundation for your ankles and can help prevent ankle rolling. Pronation and supination – your foot’s tendency to turn inward or outward – is also lessened. Runners, sports players, and even daily walkers benefit from strong calf muscles to ensure that everything stays in line.

Overall Leg Power

Calves play a pivotal role when you walk, run, and jump. Calf muscles, in particular, are essential for vertical jumping power. While calf muscles aren’t as crucial in overall running speed, strengthening your calves has a direct effect on many aspects of your athletic ability. Stronger calves can:

  • Increase vertical jumping power
  • Help prevent leg injuries
  • Provide stability to the knee and ankle joints
  • Increase short sprinting speed


Stronger calves are aesthetically pleasing. Toned calves look great in bodybuilding competitions and are an excellent complement to a nice pair of high heels. In bodybuilding competitions, muscular symmetry plays a vital role in your score, and weak calves will negatively affect muscle symmetry.

In addition to these benefits, strong calves increase overall body and heart health. If you need a little help strengthening your calf muscles, join us at PumpFit Club! We have multiple workouts specialized to target specific muscle groups. Visit us or contact us online to start pumping up your workout today!