Are your hands rough with calluses from weightlifting? Calluses due to weightlifting are not something you have to live with. There are ways to have the body you are working toward without having your hands feeling like sandpaper! Here are three ways to avoid the unwanted roughness on your hands while working on a robust physique.


A callus is skin that has become rough and thick due to friction or pressure in that particular area. Believe it or not, calluses often form because of improper form. Be aware of how you are grabbing the bar when you lift weights. Prevent the skin in the palms of your hands from being pinched. Pinching will cause calluses to form over time.

Chalk or Gloves

Have you ever seen gymnasts chalking their hands before they compete? This is primarily for grip strength and to avoid slips. The same chalk, magnesium carbonate, is used during weightlifting for the same reasons. Slipping and friction between your hands and the bar cause calluses to form. Think of calluses as natural gloves that your body produces to protect your skin from blistering or tearing. If you feel that chalking your hands is messy, purchasing a pair of weightlifting gloves will also provide you with the same functionality as chalk.


Although calluses are your body’s natural way of protecting your hands from further damage, they can also tear, which may cause infections. Moisturizing dry skin and calluses will help prevent them from splitting open. It is necessary to keep these areas hydrated because it allows the skin to be more flexible, especially for those areas that are constantly undergoing a strenuous workout.

Do not let the fear of rough, dry hands keep you from reaching your strength potential. Using these preventative techniques will help prevent calluses from forming. At PumpFit Club we offer workout plans and incentives to keep you coming for more! Contact us today for a free 3-day pass!