Everyone wants quick and easy results when it comes to burning fat and building muscle. Advertisements saying that a product can help you build 50 pounds of muscle in just two months can be seen all over the place. Unfortunately, chances are good that the products won’t work as advertised. The truth is, building muscle is tough. It’s something you have to work hard at – it requires both time and effort. Everyone can lose weight and build muscle, but only if they have the dedication to work hard at it.

How Much Muscle Can You Build in a Month?

Given ideal conditions, most individuals can gain between 1 and 2 pounds of muscle per month. The exact amount may depend on things like diet, genetics, body type, type of exercise, and time spent exercising. Most individuals should probably realistically expect about a pound of muscle per month.

This assumes you are eating just enough to build muscle but not gain fat. In theory, you could build muscle faster by eating more while you exercise. However, this may cause you to gain fat and end up covering all the muscle. In general, this method is also less healthy. We recommend a healthy, lean, and balanced diet that is high in protein.

How Do You Build Muscle?

The goal should be to eat more on training days while walking the line of eating enough to build muscle, but not enough to gain fat. If you find yourself gaining fat, try to eat less on non-training days. Here are a few more tips for building muscle:

  • Lift heavy things
  • Include squats and deadlifts into your workout
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Consume more calories on training days
  • Consume plenty of protein and carbs on training days

Some individuals want to gain muscle but not too much. If you are worried about getting too bulky, don’t sweat it. In general, you won’t get super bulky unless you really try.

If you really want to gain muscle naturally, it’s all about diet and exercise. Our fitness experts and group training classes can help you build muscle and burn fat. Call us today and ask about trying a free class.