Depending on your approach, exercising can have many positive and negative effects on your body. Working out too soon after eating could make you cramp up. Your digestive system needs time to process the food you eat before your workout. A common question most have is “How long should I wait to work out after I eat?” Because every person has a different digestive tolerance, there’s no easy answer; however, there are a few things you can consider to help figure out the right amount of time to hold off on your workout routine after you chow down.

What Kind of Exercise?

The type of exercise is a major factor in determining how long you should wait before working out. Running and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) would need a longer waiting time than weight lifting, yoga, or power walking. The difference between these exercises is the amount of motion your body must endure to complete them. Running and interval training usually include up and down motions in quick succession while walking and weightlifting aren’t as jarring. Take the type of exercise into account when figuring out your optimal waiting time.

How Much Food did You Eat?

The next factor you should consider is how big your meal was. A small meal or snack of around 300 calories shouldn’t impede a post-bite workout. A larger meal of 700 calories or more might require a couple of hours of downtime before you partake in a high-intensity workout routine. Smaller meals have less of an impact on your body. Try not to plan an exercise too soon after eating larger meals.

Trial and Error

To truly figure out how much your time your body needs to wait before exercising, you have to experiment. While someone could feel okay exercising shortly after eating a large meal, you could feel sick if you don’t wait a little longer. Finding the right balance and timing can take your workout schedule to the next level.

The time needed to properly digest a meal varies from person to person. Most people are okay waiting one to two hours after they eat, but no two digestive tracts are alike. Exercising between meals is an easy way to figure out how your body’s digestive system handles your workout schedule. After you figure out how long you should wait before exercising, why not choose PumpFit Club for your workout routines? With a schedule made to fit around any busy day, we have a workout ready for you. Don’t forget to reach out to us for a free class and get your body pumping!