You always want to get the most out of each workout by maximizing the effectiveness of each routine. Everyone wants to burn more calories to stay fit but is sweating the key to calorie burn? Things like training midday to take advantage of the hot temperatures instead of the morning have become official exercise tips for some exercise enthusiasts. Should we work out in hotter environments to increase the effectiveness of our workouts?

More Sweat Doesn’t Mean More Calories Burned

“Feel the burn” is a phrase used to motivate you to train harder. It’s only natural that you would assume that “burning” or sweating more means that you had a more intense workout. This is not exactly true. Like yawning, sweating is another method your body uses to cool itself and maintain a steady body temperature. The amount of sweat coming out of your body shouldn’t be an indicator of how effective your workout was. Different people have distinct bodies with multiple reasons why they sweat and the amount of sweat they produce. How much or how little you sweat does not correlate with the number of calories you burn.

Are There any Benefits from Sweating More?

Even though calorie burn isn’t a reason to turn up the heat during your workouts, sweating more does have a few benefits:

  • Improves your body’s sweating/cooling process
  • Enhances blood flow
  • Helps open your pores
  • Releases toxins from your body

Sweating is a natural process that can have a positive impact on your body, just be sure to avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids.

Although sweating by itself doesn’t burn more calories, it’s important for maintaining a healthy body. Excessive sweating while working out can be dangerous if you’re not careful and it’s important to have a nice cool down session after an intense routine. If you’re looking for intense and beneficial workout routines, look no further than PumpFit Club! From high-intensity workouts to yoga classes, we strive to ensure that our members enjoy themselves while they achieve their fitness goals. Contact us online to try out a free class and get started today!