For a long time, women have ignored chest day at the gym. Men, on the other hand, could probably train chest and arms five days a week and be just fine with it. However, neither of these scenarios will build an amazing physique!

Let’s be honest: many women don’t train chest because they fear getting ‘too muscular’ in that area. Well, that picture is totally wrong. Chest should be incorporated into everyone’s training routine. Whether you’re just looking to get stronger or sculpt a jaw-dropping physique, here are three reasons women should add chest exercises to their training.

Muscle Balance

The pecs are a fairly large muscle group and neglecting to train them can lead to a rather damaging muscle imbalance. Without adequate pec muscles, the likelihood of having bad posture increases dramatically. Not only might you start slouching forward, you may just develop back pain, too. Strong pec muscles also help keep breast tissue a bit a perkier — and who doesn’t want that?

Toned Arms

Have you ever seen a woman with amazingly toned arms and great shoulders? More than likely, those beautiful arms are partially due to various chest exercises. Exercises that target your pecs also target your triceps and front delts, making them great compound upper body movements. You don’t have to dedicate an entire day to training chest but adding in some push-up variations and pressing exercises will help target the back of your arms, too.

Avoid Injury

Completely avoiding chest exercises may just set you up for an injury down the road. If you neglect building this important muscle group, your body will lack the strength to perform other exercises with proper form. Many upper body exercises require stabilization from the pec muscles to be executed properly. Performing these exercises with poor form can lead to some debilitating injuries as you continue to train.

You don’t have to dedicate an entire day each week to training chest. What you do need to do is incorporate a few tried and true movements into your upper body routine to make sure you’re building the strength you need. Add in bench or dumbbell presses, chest-flys and pushups and you’ll be well on your way to an amazing upper body in no time!

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