Congratulations on your upcoming baby! If you are someone who is used to eating, sleeping, and breathing exercises, you may be feeling a bit at a loss on how to keep yourself in shape while keeping the child safe. Although many myths circulate whether pregnant women should exercise, you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adapting these exercises can help you prevent back pain, keep up your energy, boost self-confidence, and stay fit! Bear in mind, you should always speak with your primary physician before starting any exercise while pregnant.


For a great cardio workout, swimming is your safest choice. Swimming exercises provide a full body workout, conditioning the larger muscle groups in your arms and legs, while also strengthening your cardiovascular system. Thanks to buoyancy, you won’t be weighed down by the extra weight as much as you would be when running. That relief can help reduce any swelling you may be experiencing and can relieve lower back pain.

Full Body Exercises

Full body exercises remain a great option for working out your whole body. Planking, for example, works out the core, arms, and back with minimal preparation. A plank position is similar to a push-up position, where you lift your body parallel to the floor, lifting your knees and straightening your legs behind you while avoiding an arched back. While many people hold a plank position until it is too difficult to do so, you may not want to hold the position for as long to avoid overstraining. You can ask your doctor for any other full body exercises that may apply to you.


The variety of stretching exercises can help you keep the tone and structure of your muscles, and allows your joints to better receive any impact they may feel from the increased weight with pregnancy. Yoga works best as a complementary exercise. If you only do yoga and nothing else, you may not end up achieving much concerning giving your heart or whole body a workout.

Pregnancy is a wonderful period that shouldn’t interrupt your fitness goals. Even if you never exercised before, being pregnant is no reason to avoid getting started. Doing so can help both you and the child in the long run! To break a sweat and have fun doing it, try a free fitness class with us at PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale!