Few things make a workout better than having a great training partner. Many people can attest: having someone there to push you can often take a workout from average to amazing. In fact, studies show that people who work out in the company of others release more endorphins than those who go it alone. So, who better to train with than your significant other, right? Not only can you push each other to achieve your goals, but working out together can strengthen your bond over a shared interest. Here are a few workout ideas to try the next time you’re looking to switch things up.


No equipment required, no specific location, and an easy way to spend time together, running is a perfect couple’s activity. You can push each other to keep up the pace, or you can choose to take it slow and make time for a bit of conversation. Either way, cardio is always more fun when you don’t have to go it alone.

Weight Lifting

Having a spotter in the weight room is always a good idea, and who better to have than your significant other? Try lifting with your partner and watch how much your workout improves. Many people find that simply having a bit of motivation from a lifting partner can help them hit the heavier weights or even squeeze out a few extra reps. A good partner can also watch your form and correct any imbalances, making certain you stay safe and injury free.

Dance Classes

When cardio gets boring, try changing it up with partner dance classes. Not only does this skill translate outside of the studio, it’s also a great workout and an enjoyable learning experience for both of you. Looking for a bit of romance? Try salsa. Curious to learn some serious footwork? Try swing. Whatever you choose, dancing stimulates your brain’s production of neurotransmitters that elevate mood. Not only will you get a good workout with your partner, you’ll be happier, too!


Just like running, biking can be done just about anywhere. For those who need a low-impact form of exercise, cycling is a great option. You can choose the intensity level, while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Just make sure to choose a route that both of you can traverse. Start out easy to give your leg muscles time to adapt, and gradually adjust the difficulty as you progress.

Rock Climbing

Climbing requires two people, so what better way to spend time together than learning this exciting sport? While one of you climbs, the other oversees belaying and can give you guidance as you traverse the route. Not only do you get to practice communication, you also build trust. Plus, climbing requires just about every muscle in the body, so you’re sure to get in a great workout.

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