Ten years ago, most people didn’t know what a kettlebell was. Is it like a cowbell? The Russians first used them as counterweights to weigh out dry goods. Nowadays, kettlebells seem to be everywhere: the gym, the beach, and sometimes at our group workout classes. What is it that makes these tools so useful that they evolved from market scales to one of the most efficient pieces of exercise equipment?

Kettlebells Work on Cardio and Strength

Few movements work out every part of your body like kettlebell exercises. Since holding the weight involves putting your arms over your head in many workouts, the muscles responsible for your breathing are forced to play a larger role in both breathing and respiration. At the same time, many kettlebell workouts – like the swings – mean your arms are also getting an effective weight resistance task.

Kettlebells are Explosive

Unlike the slow curls and extensions of conventional weight training, many kettlebell workouts require intense, sudden movements. This motions promote power-endurance, where you learn to undergo fast muscle contractions over a longer period. This workout differs from strength-endurance training, where the goal is to produce a certain amount of force over a period. Although both types of endurance are important, power-endurance is what many prefer when aiming to condition their bodies or to lose fat.

Kettlebells are Flexible

Although we can do kettlebell workouts in our fitness studio, we can take them anywhere. Unlike the barbell racks in the gym, you usually only need one kind of kettlebell depending on where you are with your fitness goals. If you ever saw a group of people training with kettlebells by the beach and thought it looked like fun, that’s because it is! Kettlebells encourage athletes to switch up their exercises when they get boring, and the structure of the weight allows for more types of lifts, extensions, and other movements that a standard barbell can’t support.

Kettlebell workouts are just one of many developing exercises in the fitness world. Not everyone will prefer it, but those who exercise with these weights see strong results from their hard work. Keep your fitness exciting with unique workouts, and if you’re looking for a group class to switch things up, why not try a free class with us at PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale?