The holidays are upon us once again, which means plenty of cookies, chocolate, candy canes, and salted caramel popcorn. There are so many things to love about the holidays, but I think we can all agree that the holiday weight is not one of them. At PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale, our personal trainers are all about balance, and we make sure to emphasize that in all of our group fitness classes, circuit training programs, and HIIT sessions. Here’s how joining one of the best fitness clubs in your area can help you lose that winter weight so you can enjoy all those cookies and candy without guilt!


With Christmas movies and sweets constantly beckoning us to the couch in December, what we really need to help us get to the gym is accountability. While personal fitness trainers can hold you accountable with scheduled sessions and tracking results, having a group of people by your side who are working toward the same fitness goals is often a more powerful motivator. When you join a fitness club near you and form friendships within the local fitness community, you can hold each other accountable by carpooling to group fitness classes, discussing common struggles, and basking in your accomplishments as a team.

Get Moving

In a previous blog post, we talked about the struggles of finding motivation to work out in the winter and why it’s so important to exercise during the cold months. Joining a fitness club in your area can not only help you burn off that holiday weight, but it can also boost your mood, give you energy, and keep you off the couch. When you get involved in the fitness community by joining a gym in your area, you’ll find the motivation to integrate workouts into your daily routine, and before you know it, making it to the gym for a group exercise class won’t seem like a chore. In fact, you’ll want to go, knowing that you can eat all the sweets you want when you get home!

Worth The Money

Often, what keeps people from joining a fitness club is the cost of a gym membership, which is why we offer a variety of group fitness class packages at PumpFit Club. When you sign up for a weekly workout plan at our fitness club, you’ll get to pick and choose when and what workouts you want to do, so you don’t find yourself losing money by never using your gym membership. Love kettlebell workouts, circuit training, or HIIT exercises? We’ve got everything right here at PumpFit Club in Fort Lauderdale. Avoid those expensive gym membership prices and book a group fitness class with us today!