Full-body kettlebell workouts are a great way to build strength and tone your body, especially if you’re looking to do a combo of weight training and HIIT workouts with intense cardio. The great thing about kettlebell workouts is that you can get a great full-body workout without worrying about bulking up too much — instead, you’ll get toned while increasing core strength and coordination. At our fitness club in Fort Lauderdale, we have kettlebell classes for beginners, and we incorporate kettlebell training into lots of our fitness classes. Sign up for a kettlebell class at PumpFit Club, or try this full-body kettlebell workout for beginners at home!

Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a staple in any circuit training workout, and it’s a great way to warm up your muscles if you’re doing a full-body kettlebell workout. To do a kettlebell swing, stand with your feet under you, just a bit wider than hip-width apart. Keeping your knees bent slightly, lift the kettlebell with both palms facing toward you, then drop your hips behind you as you swing the kettlebell down between your legs. Use the momentum on the way back up to push your hips forward and swing the kettlebell in front of you, swinging with your hips instead of your arms. Remember to keep your core and glutes tight so you stay balanced and in control. Repeat the kettlebell swing for 15 reps, then rest.

Kettlebell Squat

Next, get ready to squat! Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your toes pointing slightly outward. Hold the kettlebell in front of your chest with your elbows bent by your sides — your hands should be gripping the kettlebell handle with your palms facing toward each other. Keeping your back straight and your chest lifted, get into the squat position with your thighs parallel to the floor. Make sure not to move the kettlebell as you squat so your legs and glutes are doing most of the work. Repeat these kettlebell squats for 15 reps, then rest.

Kettlebell Press

Once you’ve rested for a few seconds, stand up tall and hold the kettlebell in one hand at shoulder height with your palm facing outward. Once you are in the proper position, keep your shoulders level and engage your core as you lift the kettlebell toward the ceiling and back down in a controlled movement. Your glutes should also be engaged and your chest should be proud so you don’t risk injuring your back. Repeat the kettlebell press 15 times on each side, then rest.

Kettlebell Chest-Loaded Swing

Get into a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart, then pick up the kettlebell with both hands at the base of the handles. Place the bottom of the kettlebell on your chest with your elbows bent, lifting your chest by bringing your shoulder blades together. Then, bending your knees slightly, draw your hips back and forward in a swinging motion. The trick is to keep your back straight and your glutes engaged. Repeat these kettlebell chest-loaded swings for 15 reps, then rest.

Kettlebell Russian Twist

Kettlebells take the Russian twist to the next level! Sit on the floor (preferably on a mat) with your feet out in front of you and your legs bent. Lift the kettlebell up to your chest while lifting your feet off the floor, keeping them in the air as you twist from side to side. Keep your back straight and your abs engaged throughout this whole exercise, repeating the kettlebell Russian twist 15 times. These are hard, so do as many as you can while maintaining proper form, even if you have to rest in between to get to 15.

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