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We are NOT a Crossfit gym! In fact, in 2015 we decided to create a different sport - more inclusive and definitely less intimidating. Basically, the kind of place to bring our mom and dad to workout with us [and they do!]. And that’s how PumpFit came about. Since then our workouts have been featured in publications [Self], magazines [Oxygen], DVDs [Women’s Health] and have also been seen on Our specialty is FUNCTIONAL GROUP FITNESS. And that is just a cool way of saying that we specialize in training small groups to optimize their day-to-day lives - and that goes for walking up a flight of stairs with groceries or babysitting your kids on the weekend. Group fitness changed our lives and that’s why we are so passionate about it.


We have developed a program that incorporates several different sports into one! You will learn the science behind body building and strength training; you will master the kettlebell as a tool to develop power, coordination and conditioning; you will be introduced to animal flow for mobility, agility and body awareness; and of course body mechanics and movement correction - cause we believe that accurate and perfected movement patterns are key to long term health.


One word: Community! It’s been the backbone of our club since Day One, and that will never change. We are passionate about helping our community thrive in their everyday lives because we have experienced the impact that kind of support system can have in achieving personal goals. Fitness is just as much about support and motivation as it is about effort, which is why we believe in surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who will actually call us on our BS and keep us accountable. That’s not to say this will be easy — total-body transformations will require significant work and determination, but we will be right there to make sure you don’t give up along the way.  

If you think you have what it takes and want to experience a whole new kind of fitness, join us for a class today. We can’t wait to get started!

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