HIIT group fitness classes have quickly become one of the most popular workouts to date. These interviews mix a variety of moves with different reps and intervals. While the workouts are challenging, you can guarantee that they are going to leave your muscles screaming. This is exactly why every instructor will make time for some stretches at the end of each class. With that being said, we fully understand that our guests have busy lives and that they need to get back to them once the class is complete, however, you do not want to skip over the stretching.

There are countless reasons that stretching is so important, and while we’d love to go over them at the end of each class, we are going to take today and go over a few of the reasons that stretching is so important. Let’s dive right in.

Improve Flexibility

Flexibility isn’t necessarily a requirement of HIIT workouts, but it does help you get a little bit more out of each move. This is true for all types of workouts, which is why pairing your regular cardio or lifting workout with a flexibility based workout is so beneficial. With that being said, stretching is another way that you can increase your flexibility. Sitting down for just a little bit to stretch your muscles out will contribute to your flexibility levels more than you realize. 

Helps Muscles Heal

One thing that many people don’t know about workout out is that it tears the muscles so that they can grow. While this is our body’s natural way of growth, it is also one of the many ways that you can wind up with an injury. In order to minimize the chances of injury, you want to take the time to stretch. Stretching helps give your body the time it needs to stretch out muscles and avoid and the chances of an injury.

Increased Blood Flow

Part of the reason that stretching helps muscles heal is because of the increase in blood flow that stretching promotes. As you move your body into the different stretching positions, you help your blood flow to various parts of your body. This is not only good for your muscles, but it also contributes to how well your heart, lungs, and other organs are working.

Reduce Soreness Levels

Feeling a little bit sore after a workout is normal and, for some of us, it’s the feeling that we look forward to. With that being said, you don’t want to experience such intense levels of soreness that you have a hard time walking in the office. This is yet another reason that stretching is so important. You’ll still be a bit sore, but it will definitely help to reduce levels of soreness after the workout. 

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